OrbitBeyond, Inc.
Key people
Siba Padhi
Jeff Patton
Michael Kaplan
Abbas Salim
ProductsLunar landers and rovers

Orbit Beyond, Inc., usually stylized as ORBITBeyond, is a new lunar transportation company in the cislunar market, aiming to bring online lunar transportation services. Its products include configurable delivery lunar landers with a mass up to 500 kg, and rovers.[1] The company would contract for private rocket launch services.


The President and CEO is Siba Padhi,[1] the Chief Engineering Advisor is Jeff Patton,[2][3] and the Chief Systems Engineer is Abbas Salim. The company is based in Edison, New Jersey.[4][3]

Partners and contracts

On November 29, 2018, OrbitBeyond was awarded a Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) contract by NASA, which makes it eligible to bid on delivering science and technology payloads to the Moon for NASA.[4][5]

OrbitBeyond has engaged TeamIndus for lander engineering, Honeybee Robotics for payload integration, Advanced Space for mission management, Ceres Robotics for surface operations, and Apollo Fusion for future programs[3] requiring electric propulsion system.[6] Their aim is to create collaborative and scalable spacecraft vehicles to support commercial market growth in cislunar space.[3][2]


The company is developing two lunar landers: Z-01 and Z-02.[1][7]

  • Z-01: would carry up to 50 kg of commercial payloads. Its first mission is planned to land at Mare Imbrium (29.52º N 25.68º W).[1][4]
  • Z-02: would carry up to 500 k of commercial payloads.[citation needed]

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