Tokyo Islands


Tokyo Islands
Located in the green highlights
Located in the green highlights
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The Islands of Tokyo (東京諸島, Tokyo-shotō), also known as the Insular Area of Tokyo Metropolis (東京都島嶼部, Tōkyō-to-tōshobu) or Izu-Ogasawara islands (伊豆・小笠原諸島, Izu-Ogasawara-shotō), consist of the Izu and Ogasawara (also known as Bonin) island chains to the south of the Izu Peninsula.


The islands consist of two towns and seven villages which are grouped into four subprefectures.

List of towns and villages

No. Flag Name Japanese Subprefecture
01 Flag of Oshima, Tokyo.svg Ōshima 大島町 Ōshima
02 Flag of Toshima Village, Tokyo.svg To-shima 利島村
03 Flag of Niijima, Tokyo.svg Niijima 新島村
04 Flag of Kozushima, Tokyo.svg Kōzushima 神津島村
05 Flag of Miyake, Tokyo.svg Miyake 三宅村 Miyake
06 Flag of Mikurajima, Tokyo.svg Mikurajima 御蔵島村
07 Flag of Hachijo, Tokyo.svg Hachijō 八丈町 Hachijō
08 Flag of Aogashima, Tokyo.svg Aogashima 青ヶ島村
09 Flag of Ogasawara, Tokyo.svg Ogasawara 小笠原村 Ogasawara