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Using Technology-Driven Employee Screening Tools for Assessing Candidates
2021-01-14 02:00 BY Flink Solutions
Recruitment has always been a crucial factor in determining an organization's overall performance and success. It is a complicated process that involves screeni
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Illustrating The Industry-Specific Needs For Background Verification
2020-12-11 00:37 BY Flink Solutions
Businesses, despite their size and status, struggle to cope with employees having deceitful work records. To avoid hiring spurious individuals, organizations ar
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Top Five Benefits Of Pre-Employment Background Checks
2020-12-04 02:20 BY Flink Solutions
In the current business ecosystem,employee background verificationhas become a healthy measure. However, most companies believe a basic social media check is en
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Evaluating Employee Potential With Psychometric Testing
2020-11-23 02:48 BY Flink Solutions
Recognizing unique talents, nurturing, and retaining them is a crucial part of an organization’s success. The past performance of an employee is not a reliable
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What Can Be Revealed In A Background Check?
2020-11-12 01:51 BY Flink Solutions
An employee background check is integral to the recruitment process enabling hiring managers to make well-informed decisions. According to a PBSA (Professional
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Top Seven Myths Around Background Screening Services Debunked
2020-11-04 23:40 BY Flink Solutions
For an organization, hiring an employee is a complicated process. From identifying job requirements for a position to planning recruitment ads and training esse
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Importance Of Right Employee Screening Vendor
2020-10-27 02:02 BY Flink Solutions
With the arrival of Digital India and the Make in India movement, start-up initiatives have generated over 560,000 jobs since 2016. However, easy access to job
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A Fundamental Guide to Conducting Employee Background Checks
2020-10-20 23:10 BY Flink Solutions
The Indian corporate sector has undergone many changes with its business practices. Employers and recruiting managers have increasingly become vigilant about th
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