Essential Aids supplies disability aids, mobility equipment and rehabilitation products to people in the UK.

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Measuring up for the Best Walking Aid for You
2021-04-08 02:51 BY Essentialaidslimited
Who Needs a Walking Aid?Each and every one of us can develop a mobility difficulty at some stage in our lives, whether it be by accident, illness, old age,
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5 Types of Wheelchair Ramps
2021-04-05 01:00 BY Essentialaidslimited
In the UK alone, 1.2 million people use wheelchairs. Around 80,000 use it regularly, says the NHS statistics. Still, if you go out and ask a wheelchair user
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Aids to Help Elderly in Bed
2021-03-30 00:54 BY Essentialaidslimited
As we get older, our energy and stamina decrease. If we have problems like arthritis, back pain, and joints, the movement can become more difficult. A simple ac
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Different Types of Body Support Aids
2021-03-15 01:51 BY Essentialaidslimited
Pain in the little finger makes it difficult to work. So, think, how can discomfort in other parts of the body make us feel? It would make it difficult to wor
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