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51 Reasons Hong Kong is the Best Country to Do Business in 2020
2021-04-30 09:21 BY hkcrcom
Hong Kong has been a bastion of free trade and economics for decades, and its inherent advantages still ring true today. Transparent and easy company registrati
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9 Methods to Reduce Personal Tax in Hong Kong
2021-04-25 23:47 BY hkcrcom
Hong Kong is of course a magnet for international investment with among other things, its low and simple tax structures. This simplicity of taxation also extend
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All You Need To Know About Accounting Standards in Hong Kong
2021-04-19 20:05 BY hkcrcom
All companies registered in Hong Kong must ensure timelyannual filing of statutory returns to the Companies Registrar, as per the provisions of the city’s Compa
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What are the Startup Trends in Hong Kong?
2021-04-14 22:47 BY hkcrcom
We’ve all seen a new business or industry seemingly appear out of nowhere, suddenly flourishing into a major player with millions, if not billions of revenue st
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Setting up a Corporate Bank Account in Hong Kong
2021-04-13 19:51 BY hkcrcom
Hong Kong is world-renowned for its open policies on foreign investment, and with that comes some very rigorous compliance methods. When you have as much foreig
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How a Foreigner May Start a Business in Hong Kong
2021-04-12 08:15 BY hkcrcom
What Are the Required Documents and Set up Costs for Registering a Company in Hong Kong?One consistent theme you’ll notice in Hong Kong is that the government m
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