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Imported CNC lathe processing machine tool equipment and debugging
2021-06-21 18:21 BY cncmachiningptj
After the CNC machine tool is produced by the manufacturer, the machine tool has been subjected to various requirements and inspections, and only after passin
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Knowledge of aluminum processing technology
2021-06-18 02:11 BY cncmachiningptj
Aluminum is the most widely used and widely used metal material among non-ferrous metals, and its application range is still expanding. There are many kinds of
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What is the reason for the high temperatureof the die-casting mold?
2021-06-18 01:25 BY cncmachiningptj
What is the reason for the high temperature of the die-casting mold?In the process of using the die-casting mold, we need to understand the reason why the tem
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Introduction to the method of aluminum alloy die casting to solve casting porosity
2021-06-04 19:37 BY cncmachiningptj
Method to solve casting porosityFirst analyze the reasons for the formation of stomata, and then take corresponding measures.(1) Choose dry and clean alloy mat
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The expansion trend of precision computer numerical control machining
2021-05-21 01:50 BY cncmachiningptj
you High speed and high precisionRelating to accuracy cnc machining organization,high speed machiningand accuracy are the everlasting goals of machine instrume
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Why should CNC machining leave a machining allowance on the workpiece
2021-05-17 00:50 BY cncmachiningptj
  The thickness of the metal layer removed in each process of CNC turning is called the machining allowance between processes. For the torsion surface of the o
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What are the requirements for the division of CNC machining processes?
2021-05-14 02:35 BY cncmachiningptj
When CNC machining processes are divided, it must be flexibly controlled based on the structure and manufacturability of the parts, the functions of the CNC
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