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At Ace Dental, we’re here to help you. We’re familiar with the proverbial waiting periods that stretch on for eternity. Our goal is to provide you with evidence-based, comprehensive, and professional dentistry that focuses on the overall health of your gu

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Are You Communicating Well With Your Dentist?
2021-09-15 02:03 BY Ace Dental Centre
Do you often go to your dentist in Coquitlam for a procedure and went home wishing that you talked about a certain dental issue? You a
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3 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces
2021-08-15 22:24 BY Ace Dental Centre
Still worried about the effects and costs of Invisalign in Vancouver? Don’t be. There are a lot of benefits to getting Invisalign in
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Tips To Reduce the Discomfort of Invisalign
2021-07-20 02:36 BY Ace Dental Centre
Is wearing Invisalign in Vancouver uncomfortable? This depends on your threshold for pain. Some people might find it uncomfortable but those who have gone
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