Botanic Tonics
Botanic Tonics is redefining the culture of wellness. With their kava drink, the feel free wellness tonic, they help people achieve new levels of bliss, focus, and vitality. Botanic Tonics isn’t just about kava; they’re about an experience. Feel free.

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Trouble Sleeping? Kava Is Here to Help
2021-10-16 06:04 BY Botanic Tonics
Kava is widely acclaimed for its calming properties. When you drink it as a tea or herbal tonic it brings about a sense of calm—just minutes after drinkin
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3 Calming Ingredients to Help You Find Your Center
2021-10-16 05:59 BY Botanic Tonics
When your day starts to get the better of you, how do you unwind? Maybe you go for a run through the park or grab a paddleboard and head to the beach. Or
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