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What Ruby Color is the most expensive?
2021-04-19 03:54 BY gemsngems
Ruby is a variety of corundum in red color. This gemstone is rarer as the demand for this red gem keeps its price constantly high. Rubies are available in small
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The Meaning of the Green Glass Gemstones
2021-04-12 22:52 BY gemsngems
The color green is the color of our planet and it also represents growth. Green means expressing yourself in a certain manner that you can reflect the inner sid
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How much a Real Amethyst Stone Worth?
2021-04-06 22:22 BY gemsngems
What is Amethyst?Amethyst StoneSince it is found in transparent violet color, it is referred to as the Katella or Jamunia. Since it is available in abundance it
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What Are the Benefits Of Using Real Amethyst?
2021-04-01 02:14 BY gemsngems
Amethyst Quartz jewelry was particularly popular at the time and its deep purple color and cluster features are becoming the hottest trend amongst the style pac
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What are blue crystals good for?
2021-03-23 06:19 BY gemsngems
The blue color symbolizes mental calmness and peace. It is considered the most popular gems in gems history. If you are wishing to have something classy and shi
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7 facts about the green gemstones
2021-03-15 03:52 BY gemsngems
Below mentioned are some lesser-known facts about the gemstone: Often, green gemstones form different customs which cover Green Glass Gemstones, shades, emerald
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What are the main types of red gemstones?
2021-03-08 23:37 BY gemsngems
Red gemstones are a very striking feature wherever you put these on. These stones can vary in color from the beautiful hues of pink to rich deep hues of ruby or
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How much a Real Amethyst Stone Worth?
2021-03-02 05:37 BY gemsngems
What is Amethyst?Amethyst StoneSince it is found in transparent violet color, it is referred to as the Katella or Jamunia. Since it is available in abundance it
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Want to buy Lab-created Emerald Gems?
2021-02-23 21:51 BY gemsngems
A highly effective recommended astrological gemstone is Emerald. Emerald is a gemstone and a kind of mineral gemstone slanted Bluish-green to green has the leas
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What is Quartz? How Does Quartz form? And what are the different Quartz?
2021-02-15 04:22 BY gemsngems
On this earth, a very natural and most known mineral is quartz. Quartz is a hard, made of or similar to crystals mineral formed of silicon and oxygen atoms. The
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What is Topaz and Why People Love Topaz Gemstone?
2021-02-08 04:54 BY gemsngems
The gemstone Topaz is remarkable. Topaz is one of the cleanest, clearest, and crispest colorless stones ever discovered and is also host to a unique array of co
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Why Garnet Gemstones are Worth Purchasing?
2021-02-01 04:25 BY gemsngems
The other gemstones like ruby, sapphire are very expensive and found rare. In this situation, you can purchase garnet gemstone. The properties garnet have is si
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What are the benefits of wearing your birthstone?
2021-01-26 05:13 BY gemsngems
The importance and meaning of a birthstone in a person’s life can’t be denied. Birthstones are gems that are connected with a birth month( the month you are bor
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What makes star ruby so stunning?
2021-01-13 05:57 BY gemsngems
A ruby gemstone is a pink to the blood-red coloured gemstone, also a category of mineral Corundum. Ruby is so stunning because of its speciality like traditiona
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What are different sapphire hues other than blue?
2020-12-21 05:55 BY gemsngems
Whenever we see a new thing we always keep in mind about the more intense and uniform colour. Sapphire is not about the only colour blue but is also known for m
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