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What makes star ruby so stunning?
2021-01-13 05:57 BY gemsngems
A ruby gemstone is a pink to the blood-red coloured gemstone, also a category of mineral Corundum. Ruby is so stunning because of its speciality like traditiona
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What are different sapphire hues other than blue?
2020-12-21 05:55 BY gemsngems
Whenever we see a new thing we always keep in mind about the more intense and uniform colour. Sapphire is not about the only colour blue but is also known for m
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What makes Natural Gemstones Unique?
2020-12-16 04:59 BY gemsngems
Gemstone, a part of mineral crystal with highly prized, durability and rareness. A Gemstone is referred to as natural when a mineral crystal is found naturally
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How Do Different Colours Make Sapphire unique?
2020-12-10 02:45 BY gemsngems
A Sapphire is a hard crystallized substance rare gemstone naturally created by the earth in a very large blue precious stone. Sapphire is made of a variety of m
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On What Occasions you can Gift Amethyst?
2020-12-08 05:51 BY gemsngems
Amethyst, a stone is a feature of the quartz family and considered a master healer. Amethyst Quartz is a symbol of spiritual protection and purification. It pre
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How To Preserve Gemstone?
2020-11-30 21:58 BY gemsngems
Have jewellery or only gemstones, mystic topaz? While purchasing it you didn’t buy any box of it and now you don’t know where and how you can preserve them? Do
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How You Can Experience The Vibrations Of Diamonds?
2020-11-23 06:04 BY gemsngems
Bliss is the elated inclination in the body that inspires you and transmits nice sentiment into your general surroundings when your Authentic Self, the Natural
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How gemstones help you in healing or balancing chakras?
2020-11-16 21:33 BY gemsngems
Do you even know about chakras? What is it and how it works? Don’t worry Most people don’t know about it. Do you also believe that deep down inside, You already
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What is the Glorious history of Sapphire stones?
2020-11-08 22:23 BY gemsngems
The sapphire stone is the birth stones for September-born people. The name sapphire is derived from the Latin word "saphirus" and the Greek word "sappheiros," b
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What Gemstones Should Wear According To The Ruling Planet?
2020-11-07 04:44 BY gemsngems
Gemstones are the most gainful when they are worn by their Governing and zodiac. Do you want to buy Gemstones according to your ruling planet or has one and wan
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Which Gemstones Activate Your Root Chakra?
2020-11-01 23:21 BY gemsngems
Are you thinking of buying a gemstone but confused about which one you should take and with the help of a gemstone you want to activate your root chakra also? I
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How can you use the gemstones for different concerns?
2020-10-26 02:03 BY gemsngems
Have you ever-fascinating about your good luck in life, wealth, and that too spontaneously? Have you ever hoped for the magic in your life and the clusters whic
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What is the Glorious history of Sapphire stones?
2020-10-23 05:51 BY gemsngems
The sapphire stone is the birth stones for September-born people. The name sapphire is derived from the Latin word "saphirus" and the Greek word "sapphe
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Semi-Precious Stones In Jewelry?
2020-10-13 01:52 BY gemsngems
If diamonds are a lady’s favorite, ornaments are can definitely be marked as their essentials. Women definitely love gems, ornaments and their feelings
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Few Tips To Make Smart Gemstones Deal
2020-10-06 01:18 BY gemsngems
Not like this will matter and badly reflect one's character, but Rough Gemstones For Sale jewelry are as they are, not so good jewelry. It could be so t
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