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Gemstones: nature’s gift
2020-08-07 00:23 BY gemsngems
What is a gemstone?Gemstones are minerals that have been chosen for their beauty and durability, then they are cut and polished and then used as jewelry.They ar
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Gemstones as Birthstones.
2020-08-06 23:36 BY gemsngems
Conventionally, a birthstone is related to every month of the year. The value of birthstone has place in many traditions, cultures, customs, and beliefs.Birthst
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How to distinguish between real and lab-grown sapphires?
2020-07-31 01:27 BY gemsngems
Artificial gems are virtually exact duplicates of natural gemstone treasures. Made under laboratory treatments, most are produced by melting or dissolving the p
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Importance Of Peridot August Birthstone In Mythological, Spiritual And Etymological Terms
2020-07-30 22:30 BY gemsngems
Peridot is a semi-precious gem that regularly included right into a few of one of the most contemporary, gorgeous hand-crafted Rarest Gemstones on the planet. I
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How Is Moissanite Diamond Different From Diamonds?
2020-07-22 01:32 BY gemsngems
Moissanitediamonds are taking the gem globe by storm. Diamond specialists satisfaction themselves available the most effective to their customers, selling lab-c
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Importance Of Aquamarine In Birth Chart And Astrology
2020-07-13 02:59 BY gemsngems
If you have worlds in Aquarius in your individual graph you can expect them to be extra triggered this month and pushing into the foreground. You could be willi
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Are Lab-Created Gemstones Fake And Should You Buy Them?
2020-07-07 02:34 BY gemsngems
Are lab-grown gemsgenuine stones? Gemstones might be treated, substitute, artificial, genuine, all-natural, or a combination of these terms. You might be puzzle
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Great Alternatives For Diamond Engagement Ring
2020-06-29 21:58 BY gemsngems
If you are seeking a typical engagement ring, however, are worried about getting a supposed problem or "blood diamonds" from Africa, you might intend to take in
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Attractive Morganite: A Pastel Treasure For Ring Lovers
2020-06-22 23:39 BY gemsngems
Morganite is an attractive pastel treasure that is unknown and underrated. These lovely pink gems are hardly ever seen offered for sale in basic jewelry stores.
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Uses Of Sapphire Stone In Clinical, Industrial, And Various Other Applications
2020-06-16 23:43 BY gemsngems
Valued for many years as a priceless treasure,Sapphire Stone today is discovering new uses as a clinical source in a host of industrial, armed forces and aerosp
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What Makes Corundum A Special Gemstone?
2020-06-11 20:16 BY gemsngems
The name ruby is a revised kind of the Sanskrit word of unknown initial significance except for its application to this mineral varieties, while sapphire is der
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Amethyst: Meaning And Its Significance In The Lives Of People
2020-06-11 19:41 BY gemsngems
Amethyst Birthstoneis for February borns. It is defined by its violet & purple color but it has other variations from light to deep purple and when subdued
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The Rarer And Spectacular Gemstone: Spinel
2020-06-06 00:52 BY gemsngems
TheSpinel Gemstoneis the forgotten gem of the Gems world, it is not a birthstone and it has no organization as a wedding anniversary treasure. The varieties tha
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Types of Gems: A World to Discover
2020-06-06 00:05 BY gemsngems
The creativity and design of a jewel begin in most cases, from the acquisition and manipulation of a gem, which depending on many factors, can contain a very hi
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Why One Should Buy Lab-Created Emeralds?
2020-05-31 05:09 BY gemsngems
The Emerald Gemstoneis among one of the most gorgeous, popular, and extremely treasured gemstones in the world. These remarkable radiant green rocks are used in
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