For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

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For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

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English inspirational quotes:Do one thing at a time, and do well.

1, Do one thing at a time, and do well.2,  Failure is the mother of success. - Thomas Paine&nbs..

richard -2016-05-18 23:59
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A Hard Trip

My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been determined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare..

richard -2016-05-13 21:11
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A Volcano Eruption

As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricane..

richard -2016-05-13 21:06
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Abstract Art

Abstract art used to be controversial. On one hand, the artists stopped painting delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques ..

richard -2016-05-13 21:02
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The pig & Watermelon

In spring, the mother pig took the little pig LuLu to the foot of the mountain. They planted some watermelon.When summer came, there were ma..

richard -2016-05-13 03:17
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The miser

The miser and his gold Once upon a time there was a miser. He hid his gold under a tree. Every week he used to dig it up.One night a robber ..

richard -2016-05-13 03:14
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Scientists find friendship turn to turn the boat said the real reason!

They say friends are forever, but as it turns out, that old adage is actually not quite true.More than two thirds of Americans say they have..

richard -2016-05-12 20:42
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I love Jinan, China

I love Jinan, ChinaI love Jinan, ChinaI love Jinan, ChinaI love Jinan, China

richard -2016-04-29 00:17
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Sharing the Apples

Harry was given two apples, a small one and a large one, by his Mum. Share them with your sister, she said. 巴士英语www.xiao84.comSo Harry ..

richard -2016-04-26 23:56
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One day, a father and his little son were going home. At this age, the boy was interested in all kinds of things and was always asking quest..

richard -2016-04-26 23:42
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The Fox and the Crow

One day a crow stood on a branch near his nest and felt very happy with the meat in his mouth. At that time, a fox saw the crow with the mea..

richard -2016-04-26 20:33
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Panda in China

A panda looks like a little bear. It has black and white fur. It lives only in China, so it is called the national treasure of China and pro..

richard -2016-04-26 20:29
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The Crow and The Pitcher

A crow felt very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. Finally, he found a pitcher.But there was not a lot of water in the pitcher. His b..

richard -2016-04-26 20:23
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Making His Mark

A man from the state of Chu was taking a boat across a river when he dropped his sword into the water carelessly. Immediately he made a mark..

richard -2016-04-26 20:19
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To Pull up the Seedlings to Help Them Grow

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer who planted a plot of rice. After he planted the seedlings, every day he went to the field to watc..

richard -2016-04-26 19:36
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A Foolish Chicken

Christmas was coming .Mr Smith had no money to buy any presents for his children .His wife was ill and he spent a lot of money on her medici..

richard -2016-04-26 19:31
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Billy Paul, Singer of the Hit ‘Me and Mrs. Jones,’ Dies at 81

By New York TimesBilly Paul around 1970.CreditMichael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesBilly Paul, a singer whose suave but impassioned vocal ..

richard -2016-04-26 15:49
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China shuts Apple's film and book services

By BBC NEWS China has shut down Apple's online book and movie services as it imposes strict rules governing what can be published o..

richard -2016-04-25 16:39
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Three Good Friends

One day, a monkey rides his bike near the river. This time he sees a lion under a tree. The lion runs at him. He is afraid and falls into th..

richard -2016-04-23 19:46
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Plugging One’s Ears While Stealing a Bell

Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to steal his neighbor’s doorbell. However, he knew clearly that the bell would ring and catch t..

richard -2016-04-23 19:41
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The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Once there were two mice. They were friends. One mouse lived in the country; the other mouse lived in the city. After many years the Country..

richard -2016-04-23 19:39
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Do not throw good things away

A man was going to the house of some rich person. As he went along the road, he saw a box of good apples at the side of the road. He said, &..

richard -2016-04-23 19:38
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A Fox and A Goat

An unlucky fox fell into a well, It was quite deep, so he could not get out by himself.A goat came. He asked the fox:”what are you doing? Th..

richard -2016-04-23 19:35
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The Old Cat

An old woman had a cat. The cat was very old; she could not run quickly, and she could not bite, because she was so old. One day the old cat..

richard -2016-04-23 18:43
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