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Cogito provides training data set for machine learning and AI based applications require a high-quality dataset for developing feasible models.

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How Social Media Companies Moderate Content?
2020-05-11 22:23 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Moderation is the process of controlling the wanted contents from the online platforms like social media networking sites. And it is basically known as social
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Audio Annotation Services for Speech, Sound and NLP in Machine Learning
2020-04-28 00:11 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Audio Annotation for making the speech or sound recognizable and comprehensible to bots like chatbot and virtual assistant devices through machine learning. T
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Social Media Content Moderation to Remove Unwanted Contents from Internet
2020-04-22 23:13 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Cogito Social media content moderation offered by Cogito to moderate all types of unwanted contents like objectionable images, or offensive videos containing
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Bounding Box Annotation to Create Training Datasets for Self-driving Cars
2020-04-06 22:19 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Bounding box annotation is the technique of labeling the image data to make it recognizable to machines through computer vision. Actually, using this techniqu
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Text Classification Service for NLP Machine Learning & Sentiments Analysis
2020-03-27 00:05 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Classifying the text means, categorization the key texts and assign tags to make it more comprehensible and understandable to natural language processing or n
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How To Improve Visual Search Based Online Results With Better Relevancy?
2020-03-20 22:49 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Visual search technology helps search engines to bring the best results based on images used in search box. It helps to show the most relevant images as per t
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OCR Transcription Services and Process by Cogito
2020-03-17 23:48 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Transcribe all types of images and extract the contents to transcribe into other manuscripts like texts to make it readable or understandable to different t
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How and from Where Get Virtual Assistant Training Data for your Business?
2020-02-25 21:21 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Virtual assistant training is possible only when you have the right data to make learn the algorithms through speech recognition and natural language proces
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What is The Best Approach for Text Classification?
2020-02-18 00:03 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Text classification helps machines to understand the communication process through natural language processing. Actually, classifying the texts for machine is i
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Best Data Annotation Companies and Labeling Services Provider
2019-12-22 20:42 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Cogito is the industry leader in data labeling service and annotation services to provide the training data sets for AI and machine learning model developments.
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What is The Pricing for Data Labeling and Annotations?
2019-11-19 22:44 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Data labeling process for image annotation is not only critical but time taking. It creates training data sets for machine learning and AI model development. An
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How to Get Best Video Annotation Service?
2019-11-18 21:11 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Video annotation to label the moving objects in the video recording to make it recognizable to computer vision based machine learning algorithms. Self-driving c
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Image Semantic Segmentation Annotation Service
2019-11-06 20:39 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Semantic segmentation in image annotation makes the objects recognizable to machines in a single class. Cogito is providing image semantic segmentation service
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2D Bounding Box Annotation Services for Precise Object Detection
2019-10-09 21:39 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Cogito tech is providing 2D bounding box annotation services for objects recognition in computer vision. The 2D bounding box annotated images are used in AI and
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3D Cuboid Annotation for AI & ML Object Recognition Training
2019-10-04 21:50 BY Cogito Tech LLC
Cogito offers 3D Cuboid Annotation Service for object recognition in machine learning and AI services. It is providing the precisely annotated objects in images
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