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Most Biodiverse Native Tree planting Event in East African History
2021-05-26 08:41 BY GlennNHerring
As East African countries marked Labour Day on May 1st, communities living around the Kenyan coastal region were making history. Through a partnership with loca
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New hands-free luxury drawstring bag making moving out and about fun and convenient
2021-05-22 07:07 BY GlennNHerring
Moving out and about now just got easier and more fun. A new hands-free luxury drawstring bag is not only promising to help accessorize style with the luxury ba
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Explosive New Mystery, Thriller By Gerald Boltz
2021-05-15 22:41 BY GlennNHerring
Fans of mystery/thrillers are in for a treat following the release of an explosive new thriller by Gerald Boltz. The book is available on Amazon, as well as the
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Florida Chiropractor, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Champion Overcomes Debilitating Injury to Now Inspire Thousands to Be Healthy and Happy
2021-05-15 21:38 BY GlennNHerring
From a powerlifting and body building champion athlete to a ‘Doctor of Doctors’, Dr. Kimberly Besuden’s unique life story and twenty-five years of skilled alter
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Lexington Virginia Better Be READY For A Training Facility That Will Give You Foundation To Build Successful And Active Life
2021-04-30 11:54 BY GlennNHerring
September 2021 marks a new beginning for the combat sports and martial arts enthusiasts. The World Class Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor i
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Cloodo - A Magical Digital Workspace That is Taking Outsourcing and Remote Working to Another Level
2021-04-30 10:40 BY GlennNHerring
With the world moving to digital platforms due to the recent pandemic, a trend to adopt remote project management approaches has forced companies to transform d
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Life on Purpose Course: A Tool That Empowers Leaders To Take Charge Of Their Lives
2021-04-24 09:58 BY GlennNHerring
Empowered2Coach, a team of certified coaches with more than three decades of experience in empowering leaders to take control, has launched a cause that aims at
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Captivating Second Chance Story With Unforgettable Characters Keeps Readers on The Edge of Their Seats; Edward Hendry’s, The Cherokee Secret.
2021-04-24 07:21 BY GlennNHerring
Edward Hendry, an American author and entrepreneur, has released his debut novel The Cherokee Secret: Legend of the Corazón Del Rey. In it, the author presents
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Buy Google Reviews - Tips On Beefing Up Your Positive Reviews
2021-04-18 02:40 BY GlennNHerring
According to another survey conducted by Dimensional Research, an "overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who remembered reading online reviews asserted that po
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German technology start-up, Neotaps, launches digital business cards to enhance contact sharing
2021-04-17 23:53 BY GlennNHerring
The future of networking is here! Neotaps is making the sharing of information easy and seamless. The new digital age business card is allowing users to share c
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Ukraine-born, American tech millionaire trying to sell crazy 22 seconds Mp3 for $2,500+ as NFT art
2021-04-14 23:23 BY GlennNHerring
Roman Kropachek, Ukraine-born, American tech millionaire and a Serial IT entrepreneur, is selling 22 seconds of "silence" in Rolls Royce Wraith, an idea he desc
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The Home Run Marathon: One Man's Race for a Living Kidney Donor
2021-02-16 23:30 BY GlennNHerring
(February, 2021. Pennsylvania) - There is a great way to participate in a marathon, the Home Run Marathon. Which does not require you to walk, jog, or run...or
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The Home Run Marathon: A Race for Kidney Donor Awareness
2021-02-15 01:31 BY GlennNHerring
(February, 2021. Pennsylvania) - There is a great way to participate in a marathon, the Home Run Marathon does not require you to walk, jog, or run... or even g
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CompleteBody Supporting Independent Personal Trainers During Uncertain Times
2021-02-14 02:06 BY GlennNHerring
New York, NY - Complete Body is opening its doors to all certified independent personal trainers. During the city wide shut down for the Covid 19 pandemic, the
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TVRX Token Release
2021-02-13 07:18 BY GlennNHerring
Trovine, an international financial company that deals with cryptocurrency-related investment activities, is releasing its TVRX Token. The token, using artifici
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