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Houses built too close to bush spread huge California fires on 'front line of climate change'
2017-12-18 01:59 BY Diana
Even for those who've spent days in the presence of this massive fire, tramping through ash and soot and carpets of nails from burned-do..
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50 Chinese couples marry in Sri Lanka in mass ceremony
2017-12-18 01:48 BY Diana
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Clad in traditional Chinese, Western and Sri Lankan costumes, 50 Chinese couples were married at a mass ceremony i..
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2017 is a down year for US take-private buyouts
2017-12-18 01:22 BY Diana
With limited legal obligations demanding financial transparency, the private equity industry has the benefit of keeping the terms of most of..
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Weekly PE Recap
2017-12-18 01:20 BY Diana
Some highlights from our recent content: • From Dealmaker of the Year to Best Use of Gwen Stefani, we handed out some awards ..
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Ahead of their time: Valuable VC-backed companies of the future [datagraphic]
2017-12-15 12:08 BY Diana
Cars that drive themselves. Robots that help doctors perform surgery. Rockets designed to go to Mars.Those ideas don't seem so crazy any..
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2017 US PE & VC IPO Trends Report
2017-12-15 12:05 BY Diana
Despite being marked by frequent record highs in public equity markets and remarkably low volatility, 2017 has observed relatively few new i..
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Ending the right and left or ending the conflict of European macron and Le Pen's
2017-05-05 01:18 BY Diana
•    April  23) Sunday, the French presidential election at the end of the first round of  the election re..
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