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Cask or Can?
2016-05-27 06:20 BY A.J.
 Cask or Can?A tongue-in-cheek look at alcohol and its consumptionWould you rather be a mocker or a brawler? High class or low? Chic or..
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Love in Action #1
2016-05-27 06:14 BY Jessie
 Love in ActionIt’s no secret I’m a big fan of the Beatles. I enjoy their shallow, poppy, skin deep themes and how many of their songs ..
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I can't belived what I see
2016-05-26 21:42 BY surfkona
 A 6-month-old baby girl  is water skiing before she learns how to walk.................. World's youngest waterskie..
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Bula Bula Bula (Fiji stories #1 of endless)
2016-05-26 10:53 BY rojokona
Bula Bula Bula,Think back, (at this age I can do a lot of thinking), is there any defining moment or event that changes your life, your dire..
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chipping my coffee trees (original)
2016-05-25 15:37 BY surfkona
 I am chipping my coffee trees after I pruned them..........  lots of work but fun..........The wood chips will turn int..
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Trash can wine making
2016-05-25 10:23 BY rojokona
Wait five years for your vines to growPick the finest grapes you haveFerment in a new 20 gal. trash can, stir,  punch down the cap a fe..
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Manners Matter #4
2016-05-25 05:42 BY Jessie
 In the last 3 posts on manners, we learned where manners matter most and how they matter. I hope these have inspired you to take a loo..
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look what I found (original)
2016-05-24 16:39 BY surfkona
  While organizing our forest ( cutting, chopping …..), a wild turkey ran in front of me.I wondered what she was doing in the..
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Clean Up Our Forest ( original )
2016-05-24 11:02 BY surfkona
  Finally we started to clean up our forest on the property, after almost six year since we moved to big island, Hawaii.Look,! Cha..
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There is GOLD in the hills.
2016-05-24 10:44 BY rojokona
Aloha, Every state except Hawaii has gold in the ground. People living in Ca. have it in their backyard. Just a few miles into the San Gabri..
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Manners Matter #3
2016-05-24 06:10 BY Jessie
 So far we’ve covered how manners matter. How they matter to others and to ourselves in our public lives and at home to our families an..
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3 States Where Retirees Actually Have Enough Money
2016-05-23 10:30 BY rojokona
So maybe I finally did something right. The link below is to a page that talks about  3 States that your retirement money goes the furt..
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Manners Matter #2
2016-05-23 06:25 BY Jessie
 Yesterday I opened this blog with the idea that manners matter. And where they matter most is on the inside. Our inside. Because when ..
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Building a house in 3 min
2016-05-22 20:15 BY rojokona
If you were ever wondering what you can do in nine years time and you have the skills needed, build your daughter a house. Take lots of pict..
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2016-05-22 16:13 BY Jessie
“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who c..
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Some deep thoughts about the stars
2016-05-22 11:59 BY rojokona
This is a typical clear night sky, in all of it's glory here on our farm. We sit on a warm night, sometimes in front of our outside fire..
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Manners Matter
2016-05-22 10:02 BY Jessie
 Manners matter. Manners beget acts of thoughtfulness and kindness. I’m reminded of Blanche Dubois in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ when s..
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Is It A Yes To AliExpress?
2016-05-21 21:03 BY kyloo
I have known about the online store for about three years, and have made several purchases from their sellers. Buying things from a wholesal..
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Looking for that special place.
2016-05-21 18:37 BY rojokona
When traveling through out the world, I have always imagined my self living in most of the places I visit. Wondering, is this the place I mi..
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Reading Is A Natural Thing
2016-05-21 08:44 BY gaodegao
Reading,To some, can be enjoyingOr knowledge obtaining;To others, can be braggingOr time-killing, butTo me, is part of my livingLike sleepin..
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