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First American banknote limited edition in the USA done by Rotary Scottsdale in the State of Arizona
2021-07-23 22:52 BY ficket027
1. Check whether it is possible to do the EU flag (or any other flag such as the Union Jack) in the offset process. Alexandra Metzen already has explained to
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The Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and Jazz Experience
2021-07-23 21:40 BY ficket027
Zilo Groove is back on the scene with a wonderful album called “The Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and Jazz Experience”. Born and raised in France, but exiled in New York
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The Shaded Forest Chronicles: Featuring Ralphie Rabbit, Kevin the Pig, and the Witch
2021-07-23 09:20 BY ficket027
OCALA, Fla. – July, 2021 The Shaded Forest is a magical place where animals can talk, witches live in cottages, and
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Black Lives, White Lies: The Need for White Christians to Fight Racism in America
2021-07-23 08:14 BY ficket027
OCALA, Fla. – August, 2021Most of us at one time or another have experienced or even told a “White Lie”. We may tell one to keep from hurting someone we care
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Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU) Subsidiary, Providence Film Group, Inc., Acquires Full Rights Of 12 Iconic Movies
2021-07-23 05:09 BY ficket027
Valiant Eagle, Inc (OTC Pink: PSRU) is pleased to announce that after a series of extensive negotiations, our subsidiary, Providence Film Group, Inc., has acq
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Why Employers Will Pay Reparations for Forced COVID Vaccination
2021-07-22 12:23 BY ficket027
To date, over 6,985 have died from the COVID vaccine in the United States and more than 411,911 adverse reactions have been reported. Adverse events include a
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Nasdaq Co Announces Large Collaboration with Zhongneng Shanhua Energy to Jointly Develop Supply
2021-07-22 09:58 BY ficket027
NISN Announced Fintech Digital Technology, a contractually-controlled affiliate of the Company, has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Shan
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Strong Alignments and Sales for Biotech Jupiter Wellness on the NASDAQ: JUPW signs multi-year agreement
2021-07-22 07:08 BY ficket027
Today JUPW announced a multi-year agreement with Rigour International LLC as the exclusive authorized distributor of Jupiter Wellness Products within the Main
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Alterola Biotech Inc. Acquires Abti Pharma Ltd
2021-07-22 04:57 BY ficket027
Liverpool, UK, (July 20th, 2021) - Alterola Biotech Inc. (OTC: ABTI), today announces the acquisition of ABTI Pharma Ltd, a company developing novel cannabino
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It’s A National Cousins Day Reading Palooza!
2021-07-19 03:56 BY ficket027
Houston, TX – Just in time for National Cousins Day, Saturday, July 24th, local author Lynn Page joined by other avid readers nationwide will kick off her deb
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Find Your Spiritual Life Purpose in Christ Jesus — Get On With Glory Nation
2021-07-18 19:00 BY ficket027
HOUSTON, TX, JULY 19- Glory Nation has come up as one of the top Christian Ministries for women in Texas. Headed by the utterly faithful and dynamic leader Ch
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Announcing the Tummy Tea by HB Vitality
2021-07-18 08:55 BY ficket027
Losing weight is so much harder now that I am in my 40’s, have kids, homeschool, and try to have a social life! I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING!!! You kno
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Leadership Veteran Jeff Akin Launches Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast for Management Trainees
2021-07-18 01:34 BY ficket027
Jeff Akin, a 20-year veteran of management and leadership roles, launches the Starfleet Leadership Academy podcast. Starfleet Leadership Academy is a fun and
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Light Up Capstone Soccer
2021-07-17 06:15 BY ficket027
St. Clairsville, OH – St. Clairsville area Soccer Association A newly formed committee in Belmont County is ramping up efforts to have lights installed at the
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Digital FOV Supports Center Point Texas Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) First Responders Fund Raise
2021-07-14 23:18 BY ficket027
Stone Mountain, GA. --- Digital FOV maker of Digital Crosshairs 1000 Night Vision Clip-on donated one of their Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on unit to
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