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Now Shop for the Prettiest Sneakers Made Of 100% Italian Leather, Only At J Marie Premium Sneakers
2021-08-07 19:01 BY ficket027
DETROIT, MI, AUGUST 8, 2021 - J Marie Premium Sneakers has come about to be the top online sneaker store selling premium quality, 100 % Italian leather at re
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All Republican Senators Urge President Biden to Keep Step up in Basis
2021-08-07 10:16 BY ficket027
Washington DC, August, 2021 - Individuals pay a 40% tax on the full market value of their assets, when they die, not just on the appreciation of those assets.
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Ukrainian Company Creates New Algorithm for Digital Image Processing
2021-08-07 09:11 BY ficket027
August 7th, 2021Kyiv, Ukraine – The Ukrainian software development startup company, Image Upscaler, has created a new image processing algorithm that can all
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ER code facial recognition terminal
2021-08-06 10:15 BY ficket027
TGW launched the recognition of "EU Digital certificate" temperature facial recognition solution, synchronous completion of the "EU version of healthy QR code
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Jessie Drummer Presents the Mind-bending BreakBoard Aquatic © and a New Water Sport for 2024 Olympics
2021-08-05 08:12 BY ficket027
(August, 2021) – Former footballer and the mind behind the innovative BreakBoard, Jessie Drummer is proud to introduce the novel BreakBoard Aquatic along with
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A retired U.S., Airmen-Airforce: Ashanti Wiggins is being imprisoned in Israel
2021-08-04 08:39 BY ficket027
After 105 days of imprisonment and a lengthy court battle, for not having a Visa during the Corona pandemic, Ashanti Wiggins was awarded his release on July 2
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Kendall Tucker presents
2021-08-04 06:56 BY ficket027
May 2021 - Kendall Tucker is an artist who made a point of bringing so much depth and personality to his music. With a life-long passion for hip-hop, he c
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Capital Funding Solutions Launches Restaurant Loans for Food Businesses
2021-08-03 09:54 BY ficket027
Capital Funding Solutions is staying true to their goal of providing small businesses in particular, withfinancing solutionsto help them scaleup and grow the
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The Album that everyone wants to hear
2021-08-01 06:54 BY ficket027
Zilo Groove is back on the scene with a wonderful album called “The Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and Jazz Experience”. The first single, Control the Action is awesome a
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PSBcreative’s New Production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. to Stream Online
2021-08-01 04:45 BY ficket027
Marietta, Georgia, Release: July, 2021PSBcreative – a leading Marietta-based production company specializing in putting on high quality theatrical works for
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Mandrolli, Nelson Mandela’s New Electric Car, secures a $9 billion investment from The African Diaspora Central Bank
2021-07-31 23:53 BY ficket027
(July, 2021 – (Los Angeles) – When Motown sings “Aint No Mountain High Enough…..”, they definitely were talking about the Founder and Co-Founders of Mand
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7 Useful Tips by Experts on How to Write Plagiarism Free Marketing Assignment
2021-08-02 20:42 BY ficket027
Marketing assignments have always been a challenge, and to write plagiarism-free assignments can be daunting. Before we start, let's get a better understandin
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Launch of New Podcast Fulfills a Deep Need of Visibility for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ Ex-vangelical Christian Women and Femmes
2021-07-31 10:58 BY ficket027
The podcast, Sluts Sinners and Saints, focuses heavily on the issues that black and indigenous women and femmes of color face in Evangelical churches. These i
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NASDAQ Company Announces Another Collaboration: NISN and will Jointly Develop Supply Chain Services for E-Commerce Business
2021-07-31 09:39 BY ficket027
(NASDAQ:NISN) a provider of innovative comprehensive solutions through an integration of technology, industry, and finance, today announced that Fanlunke Supp
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International Traditional Sports Day 2021: Shammi Rana Secretary-General, International Council of Traditional Sports and Games
2021-07-30 11:08 BY ficket027
The world is slowly but steadily rising from the virus that has crippled it for nearly 2 years now. In the wake of the virus, we are organizing International
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