Cellus.Papi Is Soon To Launch Upcoming Debut Album Named Fuck School Get Lit

(November 6, 2020): Cellus.Papi is a popular indie artist from North Carolina and is soon to launch upcoming debut album named Fuck school get lit. Born on November 24, the Indie artist also has his own label known as Strictly Business Entertainment. Establishing a strong and profound genre in R&B, Rap/hip hop and R&B, Cellus.Papi has made a successful stance for himself. The celebrity artist offers social media marketing and promotion to artist and brands, and has a number of songs and music albums under his hat. The songs are published on popular music platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music which streams ad free songs for listeners to make most of. The CD’s and MP3’s are available in Amazon.com for music enthusiasts to buy. With over 141k followers on Instagram and counting, Cellus.Papi is undoubtedly winning hearts across the world today. Bringing about the true essence of rap, hip hop and more, the Indie artist from North Carolina promises to entertain audience even more with the upcoming debut album.

About Cellus.Papi:

Cellus.Papi is a popular Indie artist from North Carolina and is also the CEO of label Strictly Business Entertainment. For more information, feel free to browse:IG:@cellus.papi https://instagram.com/cellus.papi?igshid=14hjh0ftfcaf5 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2bBk8aMZc1ZJnS2lr6nKNm?si=S8QLqfY_RUqnuByQmjerdQ



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