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El Reggaeton mejor con Spotify
2017-07-27 03:33 BY reguetonero
La música que quieras donde quierasLlevaba tiempo buscando una web de reggaeton nuevo donde poder escuchar las últimas novedades, ver v..
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Kermit Has Another Frog in His Throat
2017-07-11 12:44 BY Jessie
The end of an era has come—again—and fans are croaking their sadness over the news that the long-time voice talent behind Kermit the Frog ..
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Baseball Home Run Heat
2017-07-01 14:37 BY A.J.
The temperature is not the only thing getting hot this summer. Hitters in baseball are getting hot as well. Batters in what truly used to ..
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Ostapenko Owns French Open
2017-06-11 10:39 BY Jessie
Jelena Ostapenko took her first Grand Slam tennis title as a professional with her win in the 2017 French Open women’s final. In so d..
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One Love Manchester - Love over Terror!
2017-06-05 11:39 BY Jessie
It was exciting to see that the number of viewers tuning in to see the musical benefit, “One Love Manchester”, made it the most-watched pr..
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Megyn Kelly Plastic with Putin
2017-06-04 19:30 BY A.J.
Megyn Kelly's interview with President Vladimir Putin was nothing more than a handful of fluffy softball questions with no edgy follow u..
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Mister Ed
2017-05-08 21:39 BY Dr. Doctor
Mister EdFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Mister EdGenreSitcomCreated byWalter R. BrooksDi..
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Tere Ríos (The Fifteenth Pelican)
2017-05-08 21:35 BY Dr. Doctor
Tere RíosFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from The Fifteenth Pelican) Jump to: navigation, search ..
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The Flying Nun
2017-05-08 21:32 BY Dr. Doctor
The Flying NunFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the TV show. For the ..
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My Mother the Car
2017-05-08 21:29 BY Dr. Doctor
My Mother the CarFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the 1960s TV serie..
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Allen Funt
2017-05-08 21:23 BY Dr. Doctor
Allen FuntFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Allen FuntBornAllen Albert Funt(1914-09-16)Sept..
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Candid Camera
2017-05-08 21:20 BY Dr. Doctor
Candid CameraFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For the cartoon, see Elmer's Candid Came..
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Stronach Group
2017-05-07 01:11 BY Dr. Doctor
Stronach GroupThe Stronach GroupTypePrivateIndustryHorse racetracksHeadquartersAurora, Ontario, CanadaKey peopleFrank Stronach, Founder..
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2017-05-07 00:52 BY Dr. Doctor
AppietusAppietusBirth nameAppiah DankwahBorn12 March 1977 (age 40)[1]Accra, GhanaGenresAfro-pop, hi-life, reggae, g..
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2017-05-07 00:49 BY Dr. Doctor
GROOTGrootGroot (left) with Rocket Raccoon.Art by Clint Langley.Publication informationPublisherMarvel ComicsFirst appearanceTales..
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Neil Gaiman's "American Gods," comes to TV
2017-05-01 13:11 BY ccelaya
American Gods (TV series)From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAmerican GodsGenreDramaFantasyBased onAmerican Godsby Neil GaimanDev..
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What to watch on Netflix this month - "The Handmaid's Tale."
2017-05-01 12:22 BY ccelaya
The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Handmaid's TaleGenreDramaDystopian fictionCreated byBru..
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Game of Thrones
2017-05-01 12:18 BY ccelaya
Game of ThronesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis article is about the TV series. For the novel in the series A Song of Ice and ..
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Carol Ann Duffy - Scottish Poet and Playwright
2017-05-01 12:06 BY ccelaya
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDame Carol Ann DuffyDBE FRSLDuffy in June 2009Poet Laureate of the United KingdomIncumbentAssumed ..
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An American Fail in Paris
2017-04-28 06:32 BY Jessie
An American fail in Paris! I was shocked at how disappointing this musical is. It won so many awards: BEST MUSICAL of the year (2015) by b..
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