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2016-10-15 20:42 BY Action barrett
I like tosmoke potand work out.To the ill informed or the uninitiated in the magical ways of the sacred plant, this can seem like a very con..
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Get More Sleep If You're Worried About Your Cholesterol
2016-10-07 15:59 BY Patty
I’ve been saying it for years: the answer to most of our chronic disease isn’t drugs, it’s changing the way we live. Study after study shows..
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Cooking for my dog
2016-09-07 21:58 BY atsai100
My dog got sick the other day and, per the doctors recommendations, I cooked him some comfort food to ease his stomach while he is taking hi..
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Fight Aging With Nine Foods
2016-09-02 14:59 BY Patty
Forget the Botox, injections, and expensive anti-aging creams. You can look younger naturally (and with a lower price tag) by eating fo..
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Sushi Lover?
2016-08-31 15:31 BY Patty
Sushi is a relative newcomer to the American restaurant scene, but once it got started, it caught on fast.50 years ago few had heard of..
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Always Hungry?
2016-08-30 21:27 BY Patty
Hungry all the time?Here's a list of the most effective ways to stop hunger:NATURALLY.1). Sleep More2). Chew Slowly3). Eat More Protein4..
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17 Ways to Use Epsom Salt
2016-08-30 21:20 BY Patty
Here are 17 of our favorite uses for this versatile compound – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!1. Soothe sore musclesAn Epsom salt b..
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How to Eat Great and Still Loose Weight
2016-08-17 22:30 BY Patty
Does that sound like a title that we all should read about?  Truth is that most people, are always looking to read about eating and loo..
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Over half of Chinese under-6-month babies breastfed
2016-08-16 06:37 BY Sunnyday
Over 50 percent of Chinese babies aged under six months are purely breastfed, according to a National Health and Family Planning Commission ..
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Zika virus detected in semen after six months: Italian study
2016-08-16 06:25 BY Sunnyday
A new Italian study showed the Zika virus would survive in semen of infected men for up to six months after symptoms appear, local media rep..
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Metabolisim - A Calorie Burning Machine
2016-06-05 15:58 BY Patty
I just read a study in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care because I wanted to know how your metabolism really works and ho..
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Coffee and Your Liver Helath
2016-06-01 23:30 BY Patty
Another beverage that has been linked to a lot of health benefits — without the detriments — is coffee. Coffee may help to boost metabo..
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Vitamin D — the Sunshine Vitamin
2016-05-26 11:38 BY rojokona
Vitamin D — the Sunshine VitaminGetting adequate vitamin C is pretty straightforward — eat fruits and veggies and/or take a supplement...
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Ten Bad Foods (and Good Foods) for eating
2016-05-26 10:34 BY rojokona
Dr. Wallach's Ten Bad Foods (and Good Foods) Critical Health News     &..
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Bedtime drink wine can lose weight?
2016-05-23 11:31 BY lisa
Looking to shed a few pounds? According to science, some nighttime wine might just be the solution.A study out of Washington State Universit..
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Benefits of Turmeric
2016-05-21 20:12 BY surfkona
 Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has been used for 4,000 years to treat a variety of conditions. Studies show that turmeric may help fight inf..
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We are growing two types of Turmeric (original)
2016-05-21 19:46 BY surfkona
  Yellow Turmeric:Yellow Turmeric (the root of Curcuma longa) also called poor man’s saffron or Indian saffron, will give your dis..
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Three Ingredients for Good Health
2016-05-15 00:27 BY Patty
Apple cider vinegar, honey and cinnamon While very simple to make and with no rare or hard-to-find ingredients, this health tonic is wi..
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Foods That Should Not Be Kept in the Refrigerator
2016-05-15 00:17 BY Patty
I think we're always trying to keep our food fresh so we always want to keep it in the refrigerator.  There are however foods that ..
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When I bought myself a nice coffee machine
2016-05-12 06:32 BY lisa
I did all of the right things to make espresso at home. I bought myself a good espresso machine. I learned which espresso beans have the bes..
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