Crew Dragon Endurance


SpaceX Crew-3 Dragon Arrival at LC-39A (KSC-20211024-PH-SPX01 0001) (cropped).jpg
Endurance arriving at LC-39A's hangar prior the launch of Crew-3
TypeCrewed space capsule
ClassDragon 2
Named afterEndurance
Construction numberC210
Flight history
First flightSpaceX Crew-3
11 November 2021, 02:03:31 UTC
Launch siteKennedy Space Center, LC-39A
ISS dockings1
StatusDocked to the International Space Station
← C209
C211 →

Crew Dragon Endurance (Dragon C210) is a Crew Dragon spacecraft manufactured by SpaceX, built and operated under NASA's Commercial Crew Program. On 11 November 2021, it was launched to transport personnel to the International Space Station as part of the SpaceX Crew-3 mission, which has become a part of ISS Expedition 66.


On 7 October 2021, it was announced that Dragon C210 will be called Endurance.[1] Astronaut Raja Chari said that the name honors the SpaceX and NASA teams that built the spacecraft and trained the astronauts who will fly it. Those workers endured through a pandemic. The name also honors Endurance, the ship used by Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The three-masted vessel sank in 1915 after being bound in ice before reaching Antarctica.[2]

Endurance was first launched on 11 November 2021 (UTC) on a Falcon 9 Block 5 from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), LC-39A, carrying NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Thomas Marshburn, and Kayla Barron, as well as ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer on a six-month mission to the International Space Station.


Mission Patch Launch date (UTC) Landing date (UTC) Crew Duration Remarks Outcome
Crew-3 SpaceX Crew-3 logo.svg 11 November 2021, 02:03:31 UTC[3] Late April 2022 Long duration mission. Ferries four members of the Expedition 66/67 crew to the ISS. Docked at ISS


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