Discovered byJason F. Rowe et al.[1]
Discovery siteKepler
Discovery dateFebruary 26, 2014
Transit method
Orbital characteristics
77.473633[1] d
JD 2454985.64156[1]
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
2.50 ± 0.20[1] REarth
Mean density
2.8203 ± 4.0164 g/cm3 (0.10189 ± 0.14510 lb/cu in)[1]

Kepler-298d is an exoplanet orbiting Kepler-298, 473.69 parsecs away (1545 ly). Kepler-298d, which was discovered in 2014,[2] it orbits its star in the Habitable zone. Kepler-298d was thought to be an Earth-like planet, further research shows that its atmosphere is +2.11 on the HZA scale, this means the planet may be an ocean planet with a thick gas atmosphere like a dwarf-giant.

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