List of scientific journals


The following is a partial list of scientific journals. There are thousands of scientific journals in publication, and many more have been published at various points in the past. The list given here is far from exhaustive, only containing some of the most influential, currently publishing journals in each field. As a rule of thumb, each field should be represented by fewer than ten positions, chosen by their impact factors and other ratings.

Note: there are many science magazines that are not scientific journals, including Scientific American, New Scientist, Australasian Science and others. They are not listed here.

For periodicals in the social sciences and humanities, see list of social science journals.

General and multidisciplinary science edit

Basic and physical sciences edit

Archaeology edit

Astronomy and astrophysics edit

Chemistry edit

Earth and atmospheric sciences edit

Materials science edit

Mechanics edit

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Life sciences edit

Biology in general edit

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Bioinformatics edit

See List of bioinformatics journals

Biophysics and biochemistry edit

Botany edit

Chronobiology edit

Development edit

Ecology edit

Forestry edit

Genetics edit

Husbandry edit

Immunology edit

Neuroscience edit

Veterinary medicine edit

Zoology edit

Engineering edit

Environmental engineering edit

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Medicine and health care edit

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Other fields edit

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