Where to Supply Superior High-quality Honey Bees

After you have decided that you'd like to attempt beekeeping, you will be of course going to need to have some bees. The query is, where does one get bees? There are actually a range of procedures and places, though the most beneficial is possibly to seek out a website or ad that advertises "bees for sale." Get much more information about  buy queen bees  


The least expensive method, even though not necessarily the most beneficial method, is usually to come across a tree that houses a nest of bees. This could be on your own land, or the land of a neighbour. In the event the bees are not on your own property, make sure to ask permission prior to climbing the neighbour's trees! Getting bees this way can be a risky business. You might get stung lots and also you may well fall out from the tree, but you are going to have some bees. Then you definitely will nevertheless need to get some queens. In case you determine on this method, be sure to do some reading and be prepared just before poking around a bee's nest.

Package Bees

A different method is simply to order package bees. You could either get them through the mail, which can be high priced, or it is possible to come across a bee supplier who will deliver the bees to your doorstep, or to a local garden store, in the spring, when the truck comes with each of the bees. It is possible to also obtain a local beekeeper who sells bees. If there is a local beekeeping club or organization, they will certainly have the ability to tell you the names of the most trustworthy bee dealers within your area.

A standard package of bees, within the United states of america, frequently comes in the State of Georgia exactly where the warm climate is excellent for honey bee production. The package will most likely weigh about three pounds and hold about 10,000 bees. A queen bee will probably be incorporated, in her personal little cage, and she will have two or three worker bees to attend to her every have to have throughout shipment. A big can of sugar syrup will also be incorporated in order that the bees have a thing to consume on their journey to their new home. It will have a lot of pin-sized holes from which bees can extract the syrup.

Settling your new Honey Bees

You are going to want to invest in two established colonies. In case you get two colonies you can move frames and honey about if one colony should really turn into weaker than the other and require a little increase. If you are shopping for from a private beekeeper, check to see that the beekeeper has hive bodies that have a bottom board and some more shallow honey supers above the board. When the supers are arranged in a diverse pattern, query the beekeeper about it. Also, take an excellent look at the way the bees have been kept. In the event the colonies have already been kept in hives produced of rotten or unpainted wood, beware. As well as the bees within the colony need to be calm and there needs to be adequate bees to fill the spaces between the combs.

Prior to you jump on that "bees for sale" ad, make sure that you have got a hive set up for the bees after they arrive. Your new little friends are not going to become capable to stay also long in a shipping box. Go to your local library and verify out books on beekeeping and setting up a hive as well as verify online sources.

Also, be kind to your neighbours who usually do not retain bees. Remember to site your hives so that bees flight paths do not cross sidewalks, playgrounds, public locations or your neighbours living regions. It really is excellent to maintain your neighbours pleased when establishing beehives within your backyard.


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