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In our Human Body, there are many overused parts, the ankle is one of them, so as a result, our ankle came across many injuries which can be very dangerous for us. An ankle brace can help in such a condition. You can now buy an ankle brace online, but first, you must know the types of ankle pain, their symptoms and their proper treatment before buying an ankle brace online. It is very important to known the anatomical structure of the ankle to wear a correct ankle brace.

The Anatomical Structure of Ankle

Why Ankle Prone to Iinjuries?

The most accurate answer of why the ankle is prone to injuries is that the ankle takes the total weight of our whole body during any type of work such as walking, running, jogging, sprinting or during any exercise. There is much other reason also why ankle prone to injuries, being overweight also can damage your ankle, the ankle starts to wear out when the body becomes aged, it is a very common problem for the senior citizens, over-exercising meaning putting overpressure to your ankle can also damage your ankle.

What are the different kinds of ankle injuries?

There are many ankle injuries here are the list of some common ankle injuries:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Nerve compression (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Avulsion fracture
  • Tendon rupture
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Talar dome lesion
  • Peroneal tendon injury
  • Treatment of ankle injuries

Rest: Rest is the best treatment for an ankle injury, you should take a rest during an ankle injury, thus giving the best chance to your ankle to recover. You should not put any weight on your ankle during an ankle injury

Ankle braceAnkle brace online is also one of the most effective equipments which helps to recover your ankle during an ankle injury. It helps you by proving you support, compress and partially immobilizes your ankle

Types of Ankle Braces Are:

Elastic sleeves: Elastic sleeves are the basic and relevant kind of ankle braces which helps in providing general support in small tasks like light jogging session, during warm-up and strolling.

Lace-up braces: These braces are made up of nylon-vinyl fabric. These semi-rigid braces have lace which can be easily tightened up depending on your comfort level.

Post-injury braces: These braces are generally filled with air or gel and are stiff in nature. They also have dual plastic attachment that takes the shape of a person’s leg.

Rigid braces: These braces are found in two types, that is, stirrup or lace-up variations. These braces help to shield your ankle and protect your ankle from injury.

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