Brian Spear of St. Louis Discusses His Favorite Charities Through the Years

Brian Spear of St. LouisThe President of Innovative Construction, Inc., has made his life's mission to provide exceptional service for his customers in multi-family housing. By following this path, he has greatly contributed to the Renaissance of St. Louis and its surrounding areas.

But this year, Brian sought to do even more. Even though he had a good 2020, he knows that not everyone in the St. Louis area had that experience, so Spear has been contributing to various charitable organizations that help families in need so they also can enjoy these precious times.

This isn't the first time that Brian Spear has helped the St. Louis community. As a big St. Louis Cardinals fan, Spear has sponsored many local baseball teams in the area. His contributions went towards helping the teams buy new bats, gloves, and uniforms. He also strongly supports Angel Arms, A St. Louis foundation that provides temporary housing to foster children. Angel Arms has helped saved the lives of many children going through difficult changes. Brian Spear has contributed to St. Louis education helping kids with their tuition expenses.

Innovative Construction, Inc., his business is celebrating another successful year in which it not only grew at a rapid pace but continued to provide excellent support to existing cust. Aptly equipped to handle any construction project, employees of Spear Construction have gone on record stating that, "There really isn't anything we can't do," and "Under the leadership of Brian we've been able to grow over the past 12 months."


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