How I made my own VPN server in 15 minutes?

Are you a worker at a coffee shop? Or a corporate employee? Do you need to use the public internet? If all the question answers are yes, then you might be in tension about if your sensitive information or data is getting hacked by a third party! So to ensure your complete safety and get the fullest freedom in virtual life technology invented the VPN server. You can use the VPN for pc or even in your android, or smartphone!

Through this, you can anonymously roam in the internet sites by keeping your real IP address safe! And you will be happy to hear that you can make your own VPN server in 15 minutes. You may be curious or want to know how you can do that? So to know the necessary procedures you need to read this article carefully.


The methods of making your own VPN server in 15 minutes is given below:-

If you created your own VPN server on a cloud hosting provider like Digital Ocean server, a scale way sever, and Amazon web services, then you may connect to all the VPNs from your iPhone or Mac by a few minutes after that.

You don’t need to create an SSH connection with a server and operated through tough command lines as Algo VPN offers the automatic VPN installation.

Then, to install the dependencies on your computer you just need to maintain or follow three easy command lines. And after that, you need to sign up to a cloud provider. For cloud providers, you can prefer the Digital Ocean. And next, in your terminal, run the Algo VPN setup wizard.

The best fact about Digital Ocean is, here you don’t need to create or configure your personal server. The Algo VPN gently adores everything for you because it uses Digital Ocean’s API to establish the server and respectively install every requirement.

On your local hard drive, you will get some files at the end of the setup wizard. For example, on macOS, you will need to do press on the configuration profile. That will add the VPN server and also connect you to your own VPN server.

To get a quick recap, you need to see the following order-

1.     At first, on a cloud hosting provider, you need to create your account. Here you can choose Digital Ocean to create your account.

2.     On your local computer, download the Algo VPN and unzip it.

3.     Then, on this current page, you need to install the dependencies. And also have to install the command lines.

4.     Now your next task is, run the installation wizard.

5.     The final task is to, press the configuration profile.


Last Line:-

VPN has a lot of advantages and benefits. You won't be frustrated if you use this app. VPN app provides its best services, to save your identity and personal life from getting attacked by any cyber-criminals. This article will be beneficial for you, so read this article and know the essential methods of making your own VPN server in 15 minutes.


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