A large selection of felt products for you at Millai Felt:

Felt objects are particularly popular in the private environment, for example for the production of the high-quality bag, case, box, pocket, and many more.

At millaifelt.com, we have felt products in our range for all ages and needs! Even the smallest can enjoy the great material in many different colors. 

We let our creativity run free and developed practical, lovingly designed companions for different areas of life. We have designed all sorts of beautiful things made of felt for the big customers too. This turns a simply felt pocket into a truly unique piece, thanks to the colorful, personalized felt cover. There is no better place to keep your valuable items! You can also find many great felt accessories in our shop for on the go.

Wide variety of felt bags and cases:

Our many different  Felt Bag Manufacturer  and cases made of felt are particularly popular. From small companions to large monastery boxes, we have the right size for everyone! 

Felt Bag - Simple Sewing Tutorial  
Thanks to its properties, felt is particularly suitable for this. You can pack the bags neatly without having to worry about deformation or wrinkles. Despite their stability and tear resistance, felt products are very light so that your back is not damaged.

If something of your drink should go wrong or get spilled while eating, that's not a problem. You can safely clean our felt accessories by hand. Just a little warm water and wool detergent and your favorite item are like new again!
Also, every felt we use is 100% made in China and therefore of the very best quality!

Individually personally unique:

At millaifelt.com, all our products are unique and beautiful which are made of 100% felt. We always pay attention to high-quality materials and regional origin.

With our felt organizer pockets, you have everything in view! Block, pens & Co kept in style. You always have the right recipe at hand with our felt wall organizer hanging pocket.

Felt made of wool also cuts a fine figure in the living area. Also, it is heat-insulating and improves room acoustics.
With our felt leather buckle wall organizer hanging bag, you can keep everything organized. The best part of its installation. Its installation is child's play, simply pull off the protective paper and stick it on the wall like a sticker.

Visit our site now – millaifelt.com and take a look around and be inspired, so your desired product becomes your very own unique piece!


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