Progressive jackpot in a casino: types and conditions of winning

The progressive jackpot is a huge casino win that is constantly increasing. You can get it after registering and betting on money in specific machines. The size of the winnings can be measured in millions of dollars and go to a random player.

Definition and types of jackpots
The progressive jackpot accumulates deductions from users' bets on specific games. Its amount increases until the moment of winning. Then it is re-formed from scratch or a certain size.

There are the following types of progressive jackpots in online casinos:

In-House (home). It is formed within the club. One or several devices participate in the drawing. Sometimes establishments run by one company unite and create a single network of jackpots.
Stand Alone Progressive. The bank is formed from deductions from users' winnings. Each slot has its own jackpot, so their amounts rarely exceed ten thousand dollars. The chances of hitting the jackpot are the highest here.
Area Wide (global). An independent company is engaged in the accumulation of its sum. Dozens of casinos can participate in the formation, even the closest competitors. Millions of dollars are raffled off. Deductions from clients' rates range from 2-7%. The chances of winning are the lowest here.

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