Literature Review: What is the Role of a Literature Review?

A literature review is a review of published information in a specific subject area. The section relies on a critical evaluation of the information presented to create a comprehensive summary. The volume of research depends on the objectives of the study. A literature review is lengthy, and it helps students essay writing service develop a method of stating their opinions on the topics. It is common for students to find this review challenging due to the extensive research involved in gathering the facts.

Most students are under the impression that a literature review is more involving and lengthier than theses. However, the review is just as important as theses. Grasping the purpose of a literature review is tricky for many learners. It is because the review is lengthy and has numerous sections. The literature review contains a summary of the main points made in the body of the research. The student should develop a strategy to craft the content while paying attention to the structure. This review should outlinefor the readers. The flow of ideas should be smooth for the reader. The sections of a literature review include:

  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

It should make sense for the reader to follow the flow of the literature review. The introduction gives a clear understanding of the topic. It is for the reader to get a sense of the research scope. Once the reader understands the purpose of the review, they can decide on whether to read through the review or not. Therefore, the introduction provides a clear direction for the reader. It should state the research questions, a overview of the research, a breakdown of the study into chapters, and then back up the content. It should make the reader want to find out more about the topic.

A literature review should have a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement should focus on explaining the aim of the research. It should be based on the scope of the research and the impact it makes to the reader. It should state clearly how the research will help with literature review. The thesis statement has to be clear to help the reader understand the broader implications of the research.

Although the literature review is a broad topic, it should make sense for a narrow audience. The content should be recent and relevant to the research. For a high-quality review, you need to find the most relevant and credible sources. Although students can use many sources for the literature review, it is crucial to check the organization and format used to collect data. The flow of ideas should be smooth for the reader.

The conclusion should summarize all the main points stated in the literature review. It should sum up the review's main ideas without including new information. It should sum up the review's main ideas and give the reader a sense of closure. There is no need to add anything new to the review.

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