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Designed with 7 main areas, each area is a symphony with different colors, the old French village impresses with the ancient architectural complex of St Denis church, Chateau De Chenonceau or an old village with a unique shape of the conques Aveyron and famous towns Denis, Eze, ... After checking in all the nooks and crannies of the old French village, don't forget to stop by the cafes Western real coffee here to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the chilly atmosphere of Ba Na Hill and let your soul float along to the charming French music! Debay Ancient Wine Cellar One of the attractions The most visited tourists in Ba Na Hill is Debay ancient wine cellar, a wine cellar built by the French with a age of nearly 100 years. With a buffet of 30, although a bit small, the advantage is that it can meet all the individual requirements of each member of the group without any preparation. The best time to travel Ideally is from April to September every year

Rainy season, sometimes up to 99% humidity, the wall is always soaked. Ba Na Hills Tour The temple belongs to the Tonkin sect. That project was created from a coincidence between the visions of private enterprises and the government, and especially the commitment of the city people

Here you will also get visit Linh Ung Ba Na Pagoda. The time to build the cable car is also challenging. In particular, visitors coming here will be extremely impressed by the 27m high statue of Buddha Thich Ca Mau, meditating on a lotus and underneath there are 8 delicate carved reliefs, all recreating life. of Shakyamuni Buddha

Her shrine has now been restored, upgraded and become a stopover for pilgrims, praying for good luck, peace ... Located on the highest peak of Ba Na, at an altitude of 1487m, Linh Chua Linh Tu temple (also known as Mau Thuong Ngan or Lam Cung Thanh Mau) is a place of worship for the sacred Ba Chua of the whole Ba Na mountain region. Since then, the resort has been abandoned and covered in oblivion for nearly half a century. So do not forget to bring a thin coat

All year and four seasons, Ba Na is always immersed in vibrant and colorful carnival festivals. Ba Na Hills tourist area is not only famous for the ancient French castles, the globally famous Golden Bridge or the world's leading cable car system but also by the bustling festivals, jubilantly all year round. The hotels here only allow check-in at 2pm and check-out at 11am so if you go up earlier, you must wait

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