Learn how to play Texas Hold’em Poker: Cards, Blinds, Betting

Variety is the spice of life. The same applies to poker games. Many variants of poker are played all over the world. Do you know which is the most popular variant in poker? It is none other than the 'Texas Hold’em Poker’. 

Texas Hold’em Poker variant is so famous that people think that Texas Hold’em is not a variant in poker but the game poker itself. The meaning is that the poker rules for this game are so popular that people assume Texas Hold’em poker rules are just what the general rules of poker are. In reality, there are many variants in poker such as Omaha Poker, Chinese Poker, 7 Card Stud and so on that are played with a different set of rules. The reason why Texas Hold’em Poker is so special is because Texas Hold’em poker rules are simple to follow. As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Therefore, a simple game of Texas Hold’em is the classiest and the most popular game in the world.

What is Texas Hold’em Poker Rules?

As you know, poker is played with a deck of cards. There are a total of just seven cards used to play Texas Hold’em. Two cards are given to all the players separately. They are known as the hole cards. Five cards are kept on the poker table for betting. These cards are kept face down, that is, they are hidden from players. The five cards are called community cards and they open in the later rounds of the game.

How is Texas Hold’em played?


Six to Nine players can play the game. Out of all the players in the game, two players have to add compulsorily bets on the table. These compulsory bets are known as the blinds. The first player who is sitting to the left of the dealer adds a small amount, called the 'small blind'. The immediate player to the left then adds a double amount of what was added as a small blind. This amount is known as the 'big blind'. After the small and big blinds are added to the table, the betting rounds can begin.

Why are blinds added?

The reason why two players have to compulsorily add the blinds is that players will get motivated to play the game. The blinds are a kind of ice-breaker. To keep the game fair enough, the two players who are asked to add the blinds keep changing in every round.

Cards, actions, betting

All the players are dealt their two 'hole cards' after the blinds are added. Players see their cards and start betting in the first round of the game known as the 'pre-flop'. The players have the option to call, raise, or fold in the pre-flop round. Call means add a bet amount that the previous player added, raise means to add more bet than what the previous player added, and fold means not play the round.

All the players aim to reach the final round of the game known as the showdown. The player has to show any five cards out of seven cards that are given in Texas Hold’em to win the game.

These are Texas Hold’em poker rules for dealing of cards, blinds, rounds, and betting.


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