Pneumatic pump air rifles are powered by a lever (pumping lever). The pumping lever pumps air directly into the chamber of the rifle. The rifle has to be manually pumped about 5 to 10 consecutive times after every shot. These air rifle types usually can shoot both pellets and BBs.

Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle PROS:

  • One of the more inexpensive types of air rifles that are currently on the market today

  • Ideal for both target shooting (non-moving) and moving, as well as plinking

  • Great for hunting small rodents and pests (such as mice, chipmunks, etc. (when using pellets, NOT BBs)

  • Powerful enough to take down smaller rodents/pests, usually with just one good shot

  • FPS can be varied (can be pumped less for a slower FPS or can be pumped more for a higher FPS)

  • It can be used to scare small and more significant animals away instead of killing and injuring them

  • It can be a good option for training younger air rifle users on safe shooting

  • Safer alternative than a semi-automatic air rifle (because it must be pumped up again after one shot)

  • It can be a good beginner’s air rifle for users of any age

Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle CONS:

  • It has to be pumped up before every single shot (some users find this tedious and time-consuming)

  • Some users complain of sore arms from all of the pumpings over and over again after each shot

  • Inexpensively made, so therefore, it is not going to be the best quality air rifle on the market

Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle Recommendations:

When looking for a specific type of air rifle (i.e., the best .22 air rifle, or the best pellet rifle, etc.), you can almost certainly find many recommendations if you take some time out to do an online search. But what is the best air rifle in the pneumatic pump family? Well, the answer to this question, of course, is going to be dependent on the particular specifications you are looking for.

If you happen to be in search of an inexpensive air rifle for a beginner or young learner, then a pneumatic pump air rifle might be the best air rifle for your needs. Two of the most popular pneumatic pump rifles on the market are the Daisy 5880 and the Crosman 664SB. We have included some thorough reviews of these two popular and well-known PCP air rifles on this site.

Compared to some of the other pneumatic pump air rifles out right now, these two babies tend to receive higher user ratings and more positive air rifle reviews from customers and fanatics all over the globe. Both the Daisy 5880 and the Crosman 664SB can shoot both pellets and BBs alike. Many users also recommend these two bad boys to be some of the best air rifles for younger learners. They are also highly recommended by a lot of users as good plinkers for backyard usage.

Now, suppose you plan to do any hunting with a pneumatic pump air rifle. In that case, whether it be for small rodents, vermin, or other pests, you may want to skip both the Crosman 664SB and the Daisy 5880 and pick yourself up a Crosman 2100B or maybe even a Remington Airmaster 77 instead. The Crosman 2100B and the Remington Airmaster 77 are two pneumatic air rifles that currently receive some of the best air rifle reviews when choosing a pump air gun that is also ideal for small game hunting. You can’t go wrong with either of these two top air rifles in the pump family for shooting at tiny pests and other vermin. 

Even a beginner air rifle user will soon be feeling like a pro after taking down a few small animals with one of these. These air rifles are also well-made and equipped with the power and shooting accuracy required for efficient air gun hunting. 


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