Not A Father's Day 'literally'

I remember when I was young and my father always told me 'don't you ever cry and get upset over the smallest of things.' Because I'm easily angered by jokes. My cousins and friends used to call me 'pusit' (squid) because of my dark skin. My father met an accident six years back. He fell from the roof to the ground roughly 10 feet and I told him before his operation 'don't you ever cry!'. He looked at me and smiled but heard the loud cries coming from deep inside of me. Thank God, surgery done and my father survived and suffered only a broken left knee.

Many say "he survived because of sheer luck." He miraculously recovered and 3 years after the accident, he got back on his bike. Now, my dearest father is 82 years old. He increasingly becoming hard of hearing and has slight arthritis. He likes watching TV specially boxing and UFC. I thank God he's still going strong and I will love him forever.

Not everyone has a good relationship with their parents. Forgiveness is the key, anger and hatred mainly affect the person, it builds nothing but it can destroy everything. Start being happy now.

'When we refuse to forgive our parents, we become bitter' (Eph.4:32).


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