What is the Point Requirement for Skilled Migration to Australia?

“What is the Point Requirement for Skilled Migration to Australia?” is a common and hard-hitting question that is present in the minds of aspirants who are interested in Australian Immigration. Well, when it comes to scrounging for the perfect answer for this question, the perfect answer lies in the fact which Australian Visa are you applying for! Also, there are other factors such as your nominated occupation and current demand in the Kangaroo land.

All these factors play a major role in determining the point requirement to gain approval for skilled migration in Australia. It might happen that candidates with 65 points in general + 15 points for regional nomination receive an invitation to apply for Australian PR and the candidates with 85 points don’t receive an invitation to apply for PR of Australia. Prior to taking a step forward for Australian Immigration, it’s mandatory to keep in mind that the point’s requirement is relevant only for the skilled migration visas.

Well, the General skilled migration visa is the best way to enter the Australian borders. The main subcategories of the GSM visa are as follows:

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189: It is a permanent residency point-tested visa which allows you to maintain your stay in Australia for an indefinite time period. No requirement of a nomination from any state or territory.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190: It is a permanent residency point-tested visa which requires you to get a nomination from an Australian state or territory. Also, it allows you to stay anywhere in Australia where you want.
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass 491: It is a 5 year open and temporary visa which allows you to stay in the designated regional areas of Australia for a period of 5 years. It is a pathway which leads to Australia’s permanent residency.

Now, you might be intrigued to know which visa requires the highest points and which one requires the lowest points. Well, as per the past and the current scenario of AustraliaImmigration, certain conclusions have been made. You can have a look and get an idea about the highest and the lowest points requirements.

  • Which Visas Require the Highest Immigration Points? The skilled independent 189 and the 491 visa-family sponsored stream, both the visa subcategories require highest immigration points. The point’s requirements for these two visas have been set so high because there is high demand for the skilled people in Australia, and the supply is low. So, to maintain a curve between the two graphs, the point requirement is set high. As per the current scenario, a candidate is required to score 90-95 points in order to receive an invitation to apply for Australia Immigration from the DHA (Department of Home Affairs).
  • Which Visas Require the Lowest Immigration Points? The state nominated visa subclass 190 and the 491 visa-state or employer sponsored visa requires the lowest points. It has been seen that the candidates with 70 points and 65 points for 189 visa and 491 visa respectively. These visas require low scores as it depends upon the requirements of the state and the occupation-in-demand.


It has been inferred from the latest trends that the candidates with the highest points are selected to apply for the 189 and 491-family sponsored visa. On the other hand, the 190 visa and the 491 visa – state sponsored require the lowest scores.

State nomination focuses on the occupation-in-demand and selects the candidates who are proficient in the occupation-in-demand. Well, this is advantageous for all candidates who have experience in the trade occupations and find it cumbersome to score high points in the points test for skilled migration to Australia. So, if you are low on scores for skilled migration, it’s advisable to apply for the state nominated visa so that you can be certain of success for Australia immigration in 2021.


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