What Is The Best Way To Create Beautiful Landing Pages With Kentico Page Builder?

If you are thinking about creating your first page with Page Builder on your new Kentico MVC website, then this section helps in clarification of all your doubts.

The Page Builder

Page Builder is essentially packed with many of the exciting features and so, if you are using Kentico development services for some time, then you should be well aware of the templates along with their building blocks such as Widgets and Web Parts.

Page Builder Is Considered To Be A Portal Engine For MVS

Specifically, Kentico websites that are built with MVC make use of modern web technology. So, it opens many of the possibilities for everyone on the team. Along with that, the Page Builder is known to be the new features of Kentico.

Kentico Page Builder 101

It is a page with a long body of text and also an image that might not possibly fit each and every message. Also, in the past, the adjustment of the layout of the page meant that you would need help from someone in your dev-team.

But, nowadays, the Page Builder is considered to be much more straightforward and so, you can specifically divide the page into sections for making the layout that fits your specific needs.


Thus, the MVC widgets are preferably known to be ready-made components that allow you to populate the website with your content and so, it is mostly adopted by the business software Development Company.

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