How to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner? All you need to know

Knowing how to choose a handheld vacuum is no easy task. What is always clear when looking for it is that we want a model that is easy to use, independent and does its job well. A handheld vacuum can help you save a lot of time, be more comfortable, and also provide you with a more thorough cleaning.


However, despite the fact that most of the time we are clear about what we are looking for, finding the best handheld vacuum cleaner can become complicated and we can get lost in a sea of prices and benefits.


Today we will give you a guide on how to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner taking into account all kinds of needs and budgets.


How to Choose a Handheld Vacuum: Features to Look For


We want you to know how to choose a handheld vacuum like the pros would. It is important that you take into account every detail and that you are clear about many of the different characteristics that you can obtain with each type of vacuum cleaner, since we consider it one of the basic household cleaning tools.


You will find them wireless, with cable, of different sizes and with different powers. What are you looking for? For us, the priority is always comfort, so do not stop reading us and discover what type of handheld vacuum cleaner will provide you with the greatest comfort.


Corded or cordless vacuum cleaners?


One of the first decisions to make when looking to choose a handheld vacuum is whether you want a corded vacuum or whether you want a cordless one.


The answer may be obvious, since if we opt for maximum comfort, we will tend to prefer a cordless vacuum cleaner to be able to move without worrying about space.


However, this type of vacuum cleaner, despite being more comfortable, also has some drawbacks. These are, for example, that they have a limited autonomy and that if you have not calculated correctly, it may run out of battery in the middle of the vacuum.


To this is added that they usually tend to have higher prices, something that should also be taken into account. In this case, you must decide what to prioritize, the price or the comfort.


If you opt for a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, don't forget to check the autonomy. These are the hours that the vacuum cleaner is able to work without having to charge it. On average, this type of vacuum cleaner has approximately 25 minutes of autonomy for about 5 hours of charging.


Power in aspiration


The power of the vacuum is measured in Watts and a normal vacuum cleaner will have approximately. This implies how well the cleaning will be done and also determines how many times you will need to vacuum the same area again.


Corded vacuum cleaners typically have more power than cordless ones. The difference can be found from 100W in a wireless one to 800W in a wired one.


Another factor that may interest you and that can be very useful is that you have the option of aspirating liquids. With this feature you can save much more time.


 How to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner: tank capacity


How much capacity does the vacuum cleaner tank have?


It is important that you think about it since that will be what will determine how many times you will have to empty the tank and how long it will last. In general, the size they usually have and the one we recommend is at least half a liter.


What is its noise level?


The noise level is another of the characteristics that we include in this guide to know how to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner. Depending on how quiet it is or the sound it produces, you can aim for the time of day that is most comfortable for you without having to worry about disturbing someone else.


The normal decibel level is usually around 70 or 60 . The lower the decibels of noise level, the quieter the vacuum cleaner will be.


Size and weight, think about your comfort


Another important aspect of buying a handheld vacuum cleaner is its size and weight. In general aspects, how comfortable is its ergonomics and if it is easy to handle.


Look at the dimensions and also how much it weighs to see how easy it will be to use when you have it. Is its design comfortable? Does it suit your way of vacuuming well?


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What accessories does it include?


Finally, another aspect that you should look at when you are thinking of buying a handheld vacuum cleaner are the accessories that it includes. Sometimes we may believe that more is better, but we must also think about how necessary some accessories are and if they truly fit our needs.


The vast majority of handheld vacuum cleaners come with many different brush or nozzle options to make vacuuming easier. Choose one that comes with a pack that more or less better covers your usual vacuuming to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.


Price of a handheld vacuum cleaner


The last thing to consider when choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner is the price . How much would you like to invest? Do you have a limited budget? Is it worth putting more money for a more advanced model?

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