Maximizing Self #3

I grew up with the impression that if I worked hard, that would be enough to get me where I wanted to go in life. But that’s a fallacy. There are plenty of hard working people who still struggle every day. Then I learned that I not only have to work hard, but I have to work smart. That’s a better idea, but it is still not enough. It takes 3 key characteristics to gain the most from our efforts.

  1. Working hard means: Having a foundation of willingness. I wrote in the first installment of this blog about having a plan, a goal, a dream or a desire that gives you a target—a reason for being and doing. Combine that with the will to keep pressing forward no matter what and there’s no telling where that combination could lead you.

  2. Working smart means: Building a framework of expectation that allows you to structure your daily habits, making them specific to what you want to achieve. Some may view this as staying inside the box, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    By combining a foundation of willingness and an understanding of your reason for being, sets up the third key to successful thinking;

  3. The third key element is to have a solid core. Stepping “outside the box” means having a solid, confident awareness of who you are at your core. Because you are sure of your core, you can more readily and more easily step outside that strong framework to view alternate possibilities; to see exactly what you can incorporate and leverage in making your core even stronger.

The best methodology for combining all 3 concepts starts with being willing to work hard in an intelligent way. Then learning and growing your core competencies and believing in your personal power because of them. Finally, with the confidence of knowing your power, look for those opportunities that will increase your power, your influence, and your success.

I would say, that describes someone with entrepreneurial thinking.

Having the mindset of an entrepreneur is key not only to your business success, but your personal life. If I’m the owner of my life. If my success rises and falls on my efforts, then I don’t allow myself to become lax in my approach to life. I don’t allow life to drift by me while I relax and watch it happen.

I make life happen and cast myself in the starring role. Take possession of who you are and who you want to become. Don’t shy away from working hard to improve your skills and adding to your strengths. That way, you’ll have confidence in your maximized self.

Next segment will be about how you can begin to structure your success from the ground up.


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