Organize a successful event

Do you have a great idea and want to organize an event? Then there's something to consider. We offer help in the form of 10 tips!

Tip 1. Provide an overview
  • Organizing an event is not something you just do. If you want to be a reliable organizer, it is important to have everything in order. Literal. So start by making a script.
  • When compiling a scenario, it is important that you divide the following parts into columns; the time, place, activity and who is responsible. Leave enough space for any notes. Also make a list of the people involved in the event, mention the phone numbers and send it to all volunteers/employees involved.
  • The final script is a complex combination of facts, agreements, briefings, research, budgets, meetings, concepts, contracts and much more. The blueprint of a successful event!
Tip 2. Communication
  • It often happens that not all those involved in the event know each other. It is wise to hold a meeting with all employees involved. This ensures an introduction and promotes cooperation during the event.
  • For example, use a whatsapp group to keep everyone informed.
Tip 3. Find sponsors
  • Determine what you can offer your sponsors and organize this conveniently in sponsor packages. You can also offer them that their logo can be printed on the tickets.
  • Find information about sponsors who partnered for similar events
  • Compile and approach a list of your ideal sponsors.
  • Determine the rate of your sponsor packages.
Tip 4. Apply for a permit
  • See if you need special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.
  • Apply for a permit in time if necessary. Do that before you start to incur a lot of costs / start ticket sales.
  • Discuss security needs with your location and create a security plan
  • Create a map of your event. Where is the entrance, cloakroom, bar, etc.? Think carefully about the flow at the entrance. For example, if wristbands have to be put on, this can lead to a considerable amount of money

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Tip 5. Make yourself known

Mention the telephone numbers of the employees involved on one page and add a map (with escape routes). An A-4 with information about the company and the purpose of the event is important for outside guests.

  • Create a website
  • Create a facebook page and/or facebook event
  • Clearly indicate what the guest can expect. That may be obvious to you, but it probably isn't obvious to everyone.
  • Send your target group a mailing. This can be done very easily with, for example, Mailchimp
Tip 6. Divide and conquer

You simply cannot do everything yourself. And together it is more fun than alone!

  • Put control in the hands of one person
  • Make it clear who is empowered to make quick decisions
  • Appoint one person who acts as a point of contact for all suppliers.
  • Arrange enough for hosts / wives
  • Provide people who take on access control and security
Tip 7. Ticket sales

Think about how you can sell the tickets to visitors. A ticket service for online ticket sales can really offer a solution. This way you will be unburdened and above all you will have insight in advance into the number of people who will come and your income.

  • Determine the ticket price, think of all costs (fixed and variable) that you want to cover and whether you want to spend different types of tickets (think of adult tickets / children's tickets)
  • Think about what should be on the tickets
  • Maybe you can sell something with it; parking ticket, goodie bag, dinner
  • If ticket sales start on time, you will have an earlier insight into the interest and you can still make adjustments.
Tip 8. Staff / volunteers
  • Determine how many people you need for access control
  • Check if you need people for the cloakroom, issuing wristbands, the bar / light / sound etc.
  • See if you need first aiders
  • Think about whether you need security
  • Arrange staff or volunteers for these tasks
Tip 9. Dotting the i
  • Finish your script with times in detail 
  • Give everyone involved a script.
  • Set up a final meeting to discuss everything
  • Confirm the times of all your suppliers and program components
Tip 10. Afterwards
  • Send thank you letters to speakers, artists, suppliers, etc.
  • Send a reminder to the guests (for example, a photo impression of the event).
  • Prepare a press release and send it to (local) editors of various media.
  • Update the script for next time.
  • Prepare a final financial report.
  • Make a report of the event for the staff magazine or the external newsletter.

Organizing an event is really fun when it runs smoothly.

We wish you a lot of success!


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