Forgiving isn’t easy but it’s true that when you forgive, you change not the past but the future. Your brand or business occupies a world that is far more challenging and trickier. A world, in which negative reviews from people can sound like revenge, diminished local rankings, and revenue loss. These reviews can get business owners so worried that they go about asking if it’s better to get rid of their business listings. It’s for all such business owners – take a deep breath and have patience. You have no idea how forgiving local business customers are. Even the lot of them thinks way differently than you do. In simple words, negatives reviews are not exactly what you think they are.

Let’s begin with Stats:

Your company gets hit by a negative review and the chances are that you have permanently lost a customer. Marketing insights tell you that it’s harder to get a new customer instead of keeping the existing customer satisfied. You should ask customers to edit their bad reviews for reflecting positive sentiments. Check out the following stats that will let you know why it’s so important to get your customer to edit a negative review.

·         According to BrightLocal, more than 56% of customers only use businesses with more than four stars.

·         According to Location3, the increase in star rating of 1.5 improved conversions from about 10.4% to 12.8%, where about 13,000 leads were represented for the brand,

·         One study depicted that 73.8% of the customers are likely to do business with brands that solve their complaints.

The influence of reviews, responses, and ratings is so sharp that all local brands should devote their resource for understanding customer retention and sentiments in a better way.

Customers love to go through reviews:

Even if a customer has given a review that seems like the brand has defrauded them, it may not be nice at all. It could negatively impact your overall business listing. Where in real, reviews are actually a source of communication between the consumer and the brand. What the customers are communicating isn’t good and there are chances that it can be false, but it’s surely a message that they want you to amplify.

The power of your brand:

Your brand power is full of surprises. Many consumers think that their reviews are living documents. They update what they have written over time for reflecting growing experiences. Reviews being edited frequently, watching the stars go from high to low and then again to high, is similar to live updates and it’s something surprising to look at. It’s good news for brands because it means that negative reviews don’t have to be like that forever. Like it’s said above, customers can be really forgiving.

How you handle your mistakes is the real deal. They can be rectified and then you can carry on providing the best product or service to your customers and earning their trust and loyalty.


Improved service and positive outreach:

The complaints of the customer greatly depend on the service you provide and employee behavior. Reach out to your customers and try to change the opinion they have formed about your brand. Make it back to their good book. Once they are really satisfied, you can directly ask them to edit their reviews and you’re good to go. If that doesn’t help, you can always make contact with New York professional SEO services to help you out with your brand and gain your customers back. 


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