How You Can Verify a Company in Singapore

What To Look Out For When Doing a Singapore Business Search

A business/company has its own credit history and a legal background. Because of that, it will be a nice move if you will do a bit of research about that entity before availing their services or partnering.

How To Do Singapore Business Search?

Conducting a Singapore Entity Search yourself is easy. You can use the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)’s free online directory search that is publicly available or you can look for a particular company by simply entering its Singapore business name..

Once you have used the Singapore business name search tool and performed your Singapore entity search online, here are 6 things you should look out for:

1. Company Status

This metric indicates whether the company is fully operating or has ceased its operations. The ‘live’ status highlights if the company is actively operational and existing. All registered Singapore businesses are required to update their company status on a regular basis, and failure to do so is a warning sign you should not overlook when doing your Singapore business entity search.

2. Industry 

The existence of a significant number of distinct types of business activities is an alarming sign you should look out for when doing Singapore entity search.

3. Details of Business Address

You should also look at the validity of the registered business address. Any incorrect or questionable address would immediately raise a red alert. 

Moreover, double-check to see if it’s a legitimate address or just a nominal mailbox. You can ask for the mailbox provider’s contact information to make sure the business partner is legitimate.

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