What Are The Important Things Needed To Be Known About Kentico?

This section mainly focuses to talk about Kentico in several important aspects like market positioning of Kentico, the rebranding of Kentico Cloud and also the progress updates on the EMS transition to .Net Core and also MVC. Again, a Kentico Developer should be well aware of this important information.

Product Positioning Of Cloud Vs EMS

The CEO of Kentico always focuses on the product positing along with the market fit mainly across their divergent CMS products whereas the other CMS platforms possess added capabilities to their existing products. Kentico focuses on launching a new headless CMS product which is developed and also separately sold from their flagship CMS or EMS product.

Kentico Cloud Rebranding

It also talks about the rebranding of the headless product from Kentico Cloud to Kentico Content. So, it leads to cause confusion among the existing customers who mistook the Kentico Cloud name. Thus, the rebranding to Kontent has preferably lasered it on the content architect/editor/manager roles within the particular enterprise companies.

Moving Upmarket

Both of these products are mainly attempting an upmarket move. So, Kontent mostly focuses on enterprise customers. This upmarket shift is again accompanied by the increase in price for both the products. These are the main reasons, why the customers seek to look for an alternative i.e. lower-cost solutions.

Final Words

So, the above discussed are the most important things which are needed to be known by a particular .net software development company regarding the Kentico.

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