10 Impacts Trivia Can Create In Your Classroom

What games can you play in a classroom, that to an online classroom? The answer is Trivia.

Trivia is versatile. One can easily test their knowledge of a particular topic be it educational or entertainment with intriguing trivia questions. It’s a team sport and can be an ideal choice to bond with your new classmates in your online classes.

1. Stress Buster

How do games motivate students?

Studying can become tiresome if not coupled with stress buster activities. In a school setting, it’s different, you play games inside and outside the classroom, you take long bathroom breaks strolling around your campus. During online classes, trivia games on entertaining topics like wildlife, current events trivia, etc can act as a stress buster. Trivia is known to decrease the cortisol levels in the human body and can be an ideal choice of game. This will help to motivate students and keep them focused.

2. Give Yourself a Break From the Screen

Staring at a smart classroom board all day is not healthy. Teachers should give their students a screen break and engage them in an intriguing trivia game that is both fun and educational at the same time. This can improve overall health and inspire an out of box thinking ability.

3. Dopamine Rush

Do Games help students in the classroom? This is a question in the minds of every parent as well as a teacher.

Studies show that playing trivia induces a dopamine rush similar to that of gambling and betting without their downside. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and cultivating good habits in them is necessary. Trivia is a game that is neither time nor age-sensitive. Thus, when children get older, the trivia topics they choose to play with shall change but not their good habits. Trivia game nights can be the best leisure activity to engage in on weekends for adults too.

4. Expand Knowledge

What games can you play in a classroom when there is a time crunch between finishing portions and still keep the class attentive? Online trivia games are the way to go.

Trivia can be based on any topic from outer space to the deepest parts of the ocean. Teachers of any discipline can come up with crisp and to-the-point trivia questions along with answers to choose from as part of their teaching. This method helps the students to expand their knowledge on a wide variety of topics in a short duration.

5. Develop Memory Power

Expanding knowledge can be useful only if you are able to recall it for later use. It’s necessary to implement the things learned in day-to-day life. Playing classroom trivia games regularly can replenish the knowledge acquired during classes and help retain them for a longer period of time.

Psychologists suggest that apart from learning new things, it’s important to retrieve the knowledge and memories acquired earlier as part of therapy.

6. Improve Cognitive Skills

Knowing a wide variety of topics and remembering a lot should be coupled with fast reflexes for achieving the anticipated outcome. Trivia games are all about spontaneity and agility. More than who remembers what, it’s who said it first that counts for a score. 

Classroom trivia games can improve students’ cognitive skills by pushing them to answer within a stipulated time. This way everyone would be engaged at all times.

7. Energizing

 All this rush and spontaneity can be energizing. Physical activity is an important part of growing up, having a healthy and active mind is also necessary. It’s essential to cultivate the habit of keeping a healthy mind and body in the younger days for creating a better routine in the future.

8. Promotes Healthy Competition

Competition is a critical part of a human’s life. We are here just because we won the race against those other sperm cells. Promoting healthy competition at a young age is necessary and has proved to be the driving force behind successful adults. The idea of winning should be more about the experience acquired in the race than the prize for coming first.

Psychologists say that apart from physical or mental abuse their patients usually are victims of losing competitions and being compared to a loser for the same. 

Trivia games completely depend on the child’s knowledge and there is always time to practice. The practice helps children achieve mental maturity where they can handle victory without pride or be a good sport after losing the game.

9. Crafting Is Challenging

There are trivia apps and websites that provide free and engaging online classroom games. Once in a while though, it’s recommended that students create their own trivia questions. Teachers know how challenging it is to set a question paper and how much research is required. Just like a field trip students can take up the website’s or teacher’s job and craft their own customized trivia questions.

Not only will this introduce them to a new category of sport but will also give them an opportunity to be responsible young adults.

10. Ice Breaker

Finally for the most significant attribute of playing trivia. It’s not kindergarten where sharing lunch or kissing a boo-boo will make people friends. As teenagers and adults, introverts or not, making friends offline have become quite a task. 

Apart from 20 questions, never have I ever. Forceful grouping in projects, playing classroom trivia games online or offline regularly, can help break the ice. It becomes easy to bond over a common topic, and being able to relate to someone is the first step to friendship.

Trivia nights can encourage adults as well to work better as a team. The above are the topmost benefits of playing trivia in your classroom. Remember that it’s crucial to shaping an individual’s childhood for stable and happier mental health in the future and trivia games are one such way to accomplish that.


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