Beeswax Market is Booming Across the Globe by Share, Size, Growth, Segments and Forecast to 2025

Beeswax is derived from honeycombs and contains higher fatty acids, high carbon paraffin, cerotic acid, and myricyl palmitate. Beeswax offers remittance to hydrolysis, is soluble and a natural oxidant making it ideal for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and candle making industry. Beeswax raises the water holding capacity of creams and functions as a stable emulsifier. Beeswax also contributes to consistency, colour stabilization, and sheen making it a popular ingredient in lip balms, lipsticks, and hair conditioners. The natural origin and extraction of beeswax allow it to perfectly align with the shift towards sustainability in the cosmetics industry.


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Beeswax Wrapping Film Satisfies Customer Demand for Chemical-free Organic Goods

Candles consume beeswax in massive quantities and account for nearly a fifth of the global beeswax market. Beeswax candles are typically more popular in developed than developing countries. Another significant end-user of beeswax is the food industry. Beeswax is particularly useful as a wrapping film for chewing gum, cheese, and confectionaries to add lustre. As consumers demand chemical-free products in greater quantities, the demand for beeswax should only grow.


Lack of Purity Regulations Allow Pervasive Adulteration with Paraffin in Beeswax Market

The limited availability of beeswax coupled with its ever-increasing demand make it an expensive product. In addition, ill-defined purity norms and constrained supply make beeswax ripe for adulteration with cheap paraffin being the biggest culprit. Furthermore, consumer concerns around animal welfare have made them seek out plant-based alternatives such as palm wax and soy wax. All these factors are likely to constrain growth in the beeswax market over the forecast period.


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Ethiopian Farmers Export Huge Volumes of Beeswax to Cater to Europe Candle Market

Ethiopia, China, Mexico, and Turkey are the largest beeswax producing countries in that respective order. More than one million farmers are engaged in apiculture in Ethiopia alone and it is one of the country’s key agricultural exports. However, the maximum consumption of beeswax continues to be in Europe as it comprises 2/3rd of the global candle market. Churches, restaurants, and home décor are important segments on the continent that consume beeswax.


Virgin Form of White Beeswax Ensures its Popularity Among Cosmetic Manufacturers

Beeswax can be primarily classified into two types – yellow and white beeswax with the latter accounting for the largest share of the global beeswax market. White beeswax is especially sought after in soaps and lotions. White beeswax is a virgin form of beeswax that enables cosmetics companies to add various colours for achieving a specific outcome. Thus, white beeswax is perfectly suited to premium cosmetics and this is expected to drive growth in the beeswax market.


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Companies studied in this exhaustive report on the beeswax market include Gustav Heess Oleochemische Erzeugnisse GmbH, Wild Bee Land Inc, Golla Bee Producs PLC, Shree Giri Corporation, Koster Keunen, Inc., Poth Hille & Co Ltd, Henan Shengchao Apiculture Co., Ltd., Local Honey Man, Tropical Forest Products, and Arjun Beeswax.



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