Why you need to hire a Teepee for your Wedding or subsequent Corporate Occasion

Teepees (or tipis) look much more ‘edgy’ than a marquee or white tent, but the real advantage is in their versatility of linking collectively. In contrast to a marquee, a tipi is often lifted 360 degrees in the sides, permitting for organic and uninterrupted air flow and ventilation. This is vitally vital for events post-Covid-19 pandemic. Teepee employ is definitely an low-cost approach to generate a venue for as much as 70 guests outdoors. A typical tepee or tipi as they may be frequently recognized, can hold up to 70 guests seated and 90 standing, but the identical tipi may be linked to other people, rising the space to 200 people plus with ease. Get extra data about tipi hire

Teepees take just 3-4 hours to erect and decorate, which implies that your occasion contractor can set up early morning and dismantle the same day if needed.

Decoration could be themed, rustic or elegant. Most tipi hire companies provide furnishings, bar and dance floor hire, or can suggest a company they on a regular basis work with. Strings of party lights and oversized hanging glass jars of LED lights is usually placed on the wooden pole and struts for any simple, but enchanting effect.

Think about installing a circular mobile bar about the central pole for maximum use of space. Curved wooden pallet bars are an ideal option for the centre of a tipi.

Tips on how to produce a focal point at the tipi entrance

Easels holding a chalk board displaying a welcome message, giant illuminated letters, a market stall with food and also a welcome drink, ice cream cart or popcorn stand is usually an eye-catching, decorative and functional prop at the entrance.

For layout of tables, make the most of your supplier’s understanding and recommended plans. Ask to view pictures of earlier events and contemplate a mix of higher and low tables to cater for maximum numbers. Some people like to prop against a poseur table near the bar, as an alternative to sit at a dining table for hours. All furniture may be folding or stackable to make space for dancing later inside the eve.

Tipi Party Catering

Consider obtaining a pit fire and bbq for the wedding or corporate occasion. Straightforward outdoor fire pits and bbqs or spit roasts complement a tipi completely.

We hope this brief guide has provided you a handful of ideas for the subsequent event and has opened your eyes towards the possible of a tipi tent in place of a more standard marquee.


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