Best Thank You Messages for Your Boss & Lady Boss

The work place is an important part of your life. It carries a lot of weight for your physical, psychological and social well-being . Having a boss who makes the work place and work delightful goes a long way to give you a better quality of life.

Working under a boss who by all standards, deserves to be thanked is a great privilege. Yes, it’s a privilege because for your boss to be worthy of appreciation implies that they aren’t like the majority of those bosses who have made working with them a living hell. Beyond the simple “Thank you for being a good boss” these Thank you messages for Your boss will hit the right chords in your boss’s heart:

1: Not many people have the privilege to work under someone as caring and understanding as you. I am grateful for that and if I had to pick a boss again, I definitely will pick you.

2: Mondays are not the best of days to wake up to for most people, including me. One thing that spurs me on though is the thought of working with you.

3: You take away the sting of the new week and replace it with a surge that wills us through the week.

4: I admire the way you put yourself into your work, ensuring that you give your best. Thank you for teaching me to never settle for less.

5: t is such a honor to call you Boss. I am grateful for the chance to work for you.

6: You have every right to give orders, make requests and demand results because you’re the Boss. But, you also deserve the best because you treat your workers right.

7: Thank you for creating an avenue to build others to not just be as good and successful as you are but better. The world needs more bosses like you.

8: For every time I try and fail, stumble and fall, I don’t feel it too much because you remind me of the times I do get it right. Thank you for being a huge support.

9: Thank you for overlooking the times I came late to work, times I missed out on deadlines, times I was drooling on my desk instead of working. Thank you for not judging me by those moments but choosing to see the goodness and potential in me.

10: The office has become something close to home, thanks to your ability to create a serene environment for everyone to coexist in. It is little wonder that many of us do not mind putting in extra hours at work.

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