How to choose the best handheld massager

Every day we need to perform our daily tasks. In order to live happily, we must do something. What profession we choose for our living is a continuous process throughout our life. Working on a consistent basis, our body and muscles become tensed. We feel unwell and even sometimes we need to go to a massage therapist. But it’s not affordable for you to call a therapist as often you become stressed on account of hard labor. Perhaps, if a handheld massager does the work on behalf of a specialist than it’s quite better to buy a massager.  You might be looking for a comprehensive guide to purchase the best handheld massager. Here’re the things you should consider before buying a handheld massager.

Power source: 

There’re two types of power sources attached to a massager. The electric massager has a power cord. You need to connect the plug of the power cord with an electrical power source. This kind of massager operates with AC (Alternating Current). You will need to keep the power cord plug connected to the electrical source if it doesn’t contain a battery and rechargeable feature. If you have a good budget go for the rechargeable massager that will give you a backup of almost 4-5 hours. You won’t need the hassle of the power cord connected to the electrical source.

Heating Options: 

A handheld massager must contain different kinds of heating options. It needs to have a variety of temperature that adapts to the extent of your pain. For example, infrared heating option penetrates the muscle of your body and provides a quicker relaxation. Almost every handheld massager has the capability of preventing it from overheating. Heat provides effective relief to muscle and improves blood circulation as well. If you don’t want to use a heating feature, you can turn it off by switching the flick of a button.


Handheld massager are best to use because of its excellent versatility. Many of them are designed with extreme portability to use anywhere, anytime. Those are also lightweight to carry if you’re a travel lover. It has three pairs of massager's heads and you can use them with the condition of your stress or pain. Besides, you can adjust the massager to your needs. The handheld massager provides you multiple usage purposes like massaging your back, foot plantar fasciitis, deep tissue massaging on the ligament of the muscle and so on. 


Many companies provide a variety of attached nodes with a single massager. You can use them to massage the different areas of your body. Within the same price unit, you can buy a multifunctional massager. A few standard attachments are rolling massage, wide massage, scraper, scalp and shiatsu nodes. When purchasing a massager make sure it contains different types of nodes. Those will make your massaging techniques more adaptive to the muscle and give better relaxation. 

 Massage techniques:

 Handheld massager provides different massage techniques. The most common techniques are percussion, tapping and kneading. Percussion gives you rapid movements the same as a wrist expert. Tapping massage provides you with pounding and striking made by the fists of the expert. Kneading is performed like pressing the fingers and palms of the experts. Depending on your stress and muscle pain, handheld massager offers a variety of massage techniques.

For the betterment and improving our health condition, a handheld massager plays a crucial role. But you will only get the full potential and effective usage when you buy it according to your needs. Find the massager that meets up your desired relaxation and feel you comfortable.


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