If you think that your company or business is perfect & outstanding and you would not come across any PR crisis. Well you’re definitely at the wrong space because today as you see each and every type of business holds a PR specialist to cover any crisis which would come alongside on your way. Accidents happen in all the business, there are problems which would pop out, there are times where the questions would be raised in terms of your reputation but you need to learn, grow & move forward every time you fall down.


What is a PR CRISIS?


Every company today should be aware of the PR crisis, that one may experience such a problem one time or the other. Now before explaining the PR crisis let's understand what is a PR crisis?

An organisation or a business receives negative & humiliating comments damaging its personality. PR crises are meant to be very serious, today's world is very fast and so the word or news travels faster than anything. But in such circumstances, it is important to overcome such problems and not get carried away by them. It's necessary to understand how to handle such problems over getting anxious.


Example -

When you create an add on a brand which talks about nationalism do not talk something which against any acaste, creed or sex cuase such topics are sensitive which would lower your PR group.


What are the consequences that a PR crisis has on your business?


While a PR crisis would look very minor at the initial stage but would affect it in the long run. Customers & Clients today are looking for that business whose reputation is up to the mark. If your company gets grabbed in a PR hurricane then it puts your faith into some complications.

But these problems are solvable if it does on time, if dismissed then it may land your firm into the main problem.


In today's world as you can see the entire globe is more focused on social media and there are times where a PR crisis can hit the business at any time. And when it does it entirely affects your business & of course, you don't wish to be in a crisis where you lose your hope,


Well here are six tips to navigate the storm-


They are as follows,


  1. Assign a responsible team


Make sure to assign a responsible team before updating anything on the Website world. The website world out there is very fast & quick. Also now if the crisis took place and you notice it after a certain time then always place the right people to speak up on behalf of the company to express the statements.


  1. Collect all the facts


It is very necessary to gather all the information around & try to solve those pieces by pieces but do not lose hope. If you're working with insufficient information then you would probably land more in the problem & make the situation worse. When bargaining with a PR crisis it is best to get rid of making statements. Today's fast digital world is more intended to make comments faster so always take your time & think twice before expressing anything.


  1. Draft a purposeful message -


 Now since you have agreed on the crisis that has happened and sent a group of people to explain the crisis it's time for you to draft a purposeful message about the crisis that occurred, be transparent & honest and express what you plan to do next.


  1. Keep an eye on the situation


After placing your message to the world, it's not over yet, don't rush over things. Keep an eye on your social media platforms and track down all the comments below to understand what the public is still talking about.


  1. Learn from the mistakes


Always try to learn from your mistakes. Do not get carried away from the mistakes. Always make sure to learn from the mistakes to not repeat the same.


  1. Be prepared


Try to be prepared with your team if such incidents take place. If you're not prepared for it, it would take things from bad to worse. So make sure you make a crisis management strategy in order to avoid such problems. Also plan out a strategy if this strategy doesnt workout in order to have a back up plan.



To conclude,

There is no such aspect as closing down a discussion that’s playing out on Twitter or Facebook. As we’ve discerned, your audience will urge you to engage in discussion. Obstructing them from the outset from broadcasting to your feeds will only drive them to others, where they’ll be confident to comment on your strong-arming moves. But it’s also crucial to understand when to evacuate the discussion.


Public Media Solution, a very well-recognised PR agency in Pune, would help you get through the crisis management that you & your clients face. 


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