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The most popular mobile game Pokémon Go became an instant sensation from the very moment it was released on July 6th. According to Survey Monkey’s data on July 20th, this game is a massive hit with somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 million daily active users in the U.S. It's even beat the Candy Crush Saga in year of 2013. Within the 3 days of its release, this biggest game of 2016 attracted more users than Twitter, earning millions of dollars a day for its publisher, Niantic.

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There are Pokémon catchers everywhere around me! Family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, customers and all the strangers in the parking lot, park and restaurants, etc.

I first heard about this game from my friends in a group chat on July 11th. I didn't pay attention to this game at all until one night around 1:45am: my husband was lying next to me and fallen asleep with his phone in the hand. When I was focusing to "steal" his phone, suddenly he grabbed his phone tightly, sit-up, walked out of the bedroom, crossed hall-way and walking around in the living room. I was like:” What the 'beep', sleep walking? This never happened before, must be so much of pressure at work!”. I've heard that NEVER wake up the sleep walker, and I don't know what I should do, just trying to keep myself calm while staring at him so he won't walk into anything and injure himself... few seconds later, his eyes blinked. I then asked him:" Are you okay? What are you doing?". He paused a few seconds: Catching Pokémon.” BEEP@!#$#^%^@^@#$%!#^&%$*BEEP


Couple weeks ago, we went to Ohio State Fair; it was a very big fair with approximately 300 commercial exhibitors and full of fun! So much good food, rides, live music and shops for kitchen wares, clothing, etc. We spent few hours at the fair, enjoyed the food and the relaxed ambience of the fair was soothing my mind pretty well.  I asked huby:"I'm kind of tired now, how many miles have we walked today?". He replied very fast: “According to Pokémon Go, we've walked over 5 miles." SMH, right before I open my mouth, a couple walked by. The girl shouted excitedly: “My egg just hatched! I got a new Pokémon!".....

After I told my friend about these 2 stories, he laughed: “I was going to buy my wife a leash, because she won't watch the road when she is walking while catching Pokémon!"  OMG! Seriously? That popular?! I know that I have to control myself to never start on this game due to an experience: took me months to 'quit' on Candy Crush Saga and Frozen Free Fall! But, those Pokémon are so very cute... (NO, I can't think like that!) Well, all I shall say: My dear friends, Enjoy the game on your spare time and Poke healthy & safely!


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