Importance of higher education in India

Historically India remains highly diversed country with many languages, dialect, religions but India remains one and ours is a strength of unity in diversity. Education has played vital role to unite us all since ages.

Right from centuries our society has propagated education as a must for each society in length and breadth of India. Gurukuls converted students to a perfect skilled personalities even those days and stories do tell us about Dronacharya, Arjun and Eklavya.

On the front of religious philosophy India has produced saints like Kabirdas, Surdas, Namdev, Gurunanak, Gurugobind, Buddha and ofcourse Omni present Krishna and Rama.

With the above facts, it is crystal clear that education has been of paramount importance in our society and in the modern times also our great scientists have done wonderful job.

India produced Aryabhatta whose definition of Zero is a worldwide accepted phenomena and who can forget C V Raman whose Physics theories still motivate scientists world over.

India has many IITs, IIMs and Universities, we do have many PHDs many excellent MBAs but the area which we are lacking still is research. Although top Agricultural universities in India have gone for research but overall we don’t rank at the map of World in research.

India’s ISRO has done tremendous job and besides success story of Chandrayaan the launch pads for Rockets are being used by many countries. ISRO has shown the world that India is on top in the research of space.

Higher education in India is a must for taking India on top and there is no dearth of opportunities in modern India and chances are very high that India would show the world its capacity to change with challenging times.

India’s medical field is one the pioneer in the entire world as we provide best of the treatment for patients with the lowest cost possible as compared to world over.

Indeed higher education in India is having great role to play in present as well as in future because world is looking forward to India to dig out information and process it to match with the modern world from the treasure of Vedas and Upanishads in the areas of medicine, agriculture and space.

Our prominent language with the ancient history of India that is Sanskrit is suitable for the most modern digitalized world as Sanskrit can be utilized as a language for coding programmes.

With such a hidden treasure of higher education in India we will continue to scale high in future also.



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