What is a Malaysia’s Wage Subsidy Programme and how to apply?

1. What is Wage Subsidy Programme (“WSP”) or Program Subsidi Upah?

It is 3-month financial aid given to Employers for every Malaysian employees they employ with salary under RM4,000. The purpose is to assist the employers who are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak to operate as usual and to retain their workforce.

2. When will Wage Subsidy Programme (“WSP”) or Program Subsidi Upah be effective and end?

The programme will be effective from 1 April 2020 and the last day for application will be on 15 September 2020. The programme will last for 3 months from approval date.

3. Who are not eligible for Wage Subsidy Programme (“WSP”) or Program Subsidi Upah?

  • - Employers or businesses register and operate after 1 January 2020
  • -   Employers and employees have yet to register with or contribute to PERKESO
  • -   Employees who are entitled to financial aid from Employment Retention Programme/ Program Pengekalan Pekerjaan in the same month
  • -   Employees with salary more than RM4,000
  • -   Employees who are no longer in employment
  • -   Public servants, employees with federal and state statutory bodies, local authorities and self employed
  • -   Foreign workers and expatriate

4. What documents are required to apply for Wage Subsidy Programme (“WSP”) or Program Subsidi Upah?

  • -   Employer Bank Account Details (Extract of Bank Statement with Company Name, Bank and Bank Account number)
  • -   Business Registration Number (the registered with bank when open the bank account)
  • -   A copy of certificate of registration with SSM/Local Authority/Professional Body/Trade License
  • -   Declaration Form PSU50 / Akuan Pengisytiharan PSU50
  • -   List of employees (attached)
  • -   Supporting documents to prove reduction in sales such as management accounts or sales report certified by management*

*For Medium and Large size companies only

5. What is Business Regsitration Number (BRN)?

  • Business Regsitration Number (BRN) is the business registration number register with the bank when opening bank account.
  • Employer need to provide the BRN for the purpose of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

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