Conduct Transactions on a Permissionless Medium by DeFi

DeFi lending & borrowing development Services connects the requirements of debtors and creditors directly. 

The process to follow is users have to deposit their assets, the smart contract will dictate the terms and conditions of the loan, lenders can fetch interest income by assessing the risks involved beforehand, the borrower has to submit collateral and it will safeguard him if he fails to repay the loan on time, and the lender releases the collateral which acts as a security if the borrower repays the full loan amount (principal and interest). 

The advantages of using DeFi lending and borrowing are plenty as it offers a high level of transparency, ensures quick access, high speed, greater interest rates than traditional savings, automated processing without depending on any third party, great flexibility, resistant to transaction censorship, price and capital efficiency, and immutability. 

The features to experience for the borrowers and lenders include margin trading, long-term investment rewards from capital appreciation, earn arbitrage fees by pledging assets, flash loans, and non-taxable liquidity. 


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